Friday, February 27, 2015


Hello lovelies! The weekend is here and finally I have time to post some photos of my experience at MAGIC, the global fashion trade show held in Las Vegas. It was my first time, and what a mah-ve-lous experience it was!  I think next time I will have to hire a tour guide to help navigate the humongous buildings and oodles of booths!  I spent a lot of time drooling over the new collections arriving for spring in the next few months!  Most of the items were available for order only by wholesale purchase, soooo that was truly a blessing.  My bank account could've suffered some serious damage!

There were thousands of brands, designers etc. to check out, but these are the three that I totally fell in love with!  1)Ya Los Angeles 2) A'reve  and  3) Coffee Shop Coats.   Other great perks of the show- being able to attend seminars to learn more about the business of fashion, and great networking opportunities.

A few days before Magic started, we were able to check out a smaller scale trade show call "The Off Price Show"- A glitzy girl's paradise!   The booths of jewelry and accessories were unending! Most of the vendors there offer Cash and Carry, so I did come home with some sparkle!  My beautiful friend Cristy seen here, loading up for the grand reopening of her boutique in May "Free Bird Style."

Have a fantastic weekend, I hope it includes shopping for amazing fashion!  As always, thanks for visiting!