Thursday, July 30, 2015

The Best Little Boutique in Waikiki

Images: Pineapple County

Good morning to you!  It's been a month since I returned from an amazing Hawaain  vacation.  You guessed it, I'm wishing I was still there!

A few days before I left, I discovered this chic little boutique.  It is located on Lewers ave, the same street my hotel was on.  Pineapple County is just a few short blocks from the beach.  This shop offers very trendy pieces at  affordable prices, and has excellent service.

Whatever your little heart desires, you will find it in this shop!  Dresses, skirts, shorts, adorable heels. sandal, bags, and clutches too.  There are even shabby chic d├ęcor items to add to your island haul! If you can't visit in person, contact them for orders on the website.  Pineapple County is also on instagram.(@pineapplecounty)

Time did not permit another photo shoot in paradise with my finds at Pineapple County. Fortunately there is plenty of beautiful scenery in the northwest!  Are you a boutique shopper, or do you prefer fast fashion and retail chains?

Photography: Dee Scheftic