Friday, October 16, 2015

Middle Age Fashion: 4 Ways to Own a Look

Happy Friday!

I am especially happy for this weekend to get started, my daughter came home from college. I'm so excited to enjoy her for a few days, oh yeah it's shoppin time!

 If you have visited my blog for very long, you know that I turned the big Five- Oh last February.  The majority of  fashion bloggers are 30 years old and younger. At first I felt intimidated  and wasn't sure I would have a unique voice among all the younger bloggers!  I've learned that there is room for everyone as an influencer. Each one has a unique persona and style to share.

There are many celebrities who are rocking the fashion scene after 50, such as Jane Fonda,Cher, Madonna, and Tilda Swinson to name a few. They say with experience comes expertise. Here are some ways to own a look into your fifties and beyond.

1) Create a flawless skin tone: Use a brightening foundation all over your face and blend with your fingers. The heat form your hands allows the make up to melt into the skin and leaves a natural looking finish.
How to own a look in your 50's and beyond

2)Blur the lip lines : Red hued lipsticks create instant drama and a youthful look. To keep the lips from looking harsh, apply color straight from the tube, then gently swipe cotton around the borders of your lips. This will pick up the extra color and soften the edges of your smoochers!


3)Experiment with prints:  A dress with a classic cut may be flattering to your shape, but most likely won't have the "wow" factor.  To achieve this choose one with a "can't miss it" pattern.  Prints of this type bring a youthful edge.

How to own a look in your 50's and beyond

4) Keep accessories to a minimum: You may want to add to the fun spirit of the dress with showy type shoes, but classic dark pumps are the way to go. A pointy pump will be sure to make you feel put together and polished.  For jewelry, keep it simple with one piece. Too many jewels adds competition to the outfit. Skipping it altogether is just fine too.

I hope I have inspired you to embrace style no matter your age!  How do you like to own your look?  Have a great weekend!