MAPLE LEOPARD: Latif the Fashion Design Magician: 3 Outfits in 11 Minutes

Friday, August 5, 2016

Latif the Fashion Design Magician: 3 Outfits in 11 Minutes

 Have you ever heard of a designer making 3 dresses in 11 minutes?!? Well it's hard to believe, but I saw it right before my very eyes! A few weeks ago I was at a Networking event in preparation for Seattle Fashion Week.

A the event, I saw Sir. Leaf Latif the Afro fashion designer performing a live clothing construction performance. This model is wearing one of the 3 designs made that night.

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Latif is known as a fashion magician. He is able to measure, design, cut, and sew outfits so fast it makes your head spin! I was absolutely amazed by his talent, and asked if I could feature his story.

About Latif
Latif is from the country of Uganda and has been featured all over the world, and has won many fashion awards and contests.  After he finished high school, he attended the Tiner International School of Fashion Design. in Kampala.  He received a diploma in fashion design, and was quickly retained as a teacher in 2003.

That same year he opened his own school Latif Academy Talent School of the Arts and Fashion Design.  He now teaches and mentors others in fashion design. I wish his design school was here in Seattle, I'd be there!

He also did an artist residence internship in Paris France, at Xully Bett in 2008. In Congo Brazza he was selected to  train upcoming designers and showcase his fashion skills. Most recently Latif was elected president of  the  Fashion Society of Uganda.

Awards and Accomplishments
  • Designed stage costumes for Uganda award winning artists in dance and music
  • Bronze thread award at FIMA African Fashion Competition in 2007
  • Best Costume in Johannesburg Top Stars Competition 2012
  • Set a fashion record in Norway, 2012: Made 10 dresses in 23 minutes
  • Best male designer at African Fashion Walk Awards 2013
  • Most inspiring Designer Award 2014
  • Guinness World Book of Records: Fashion record for the most outfits in shortest time possible
Latif Academy has produced some the most outstanding fashion design students, in the years since it opened. Latif has also performed fashion concerts in Europe, USA, and  all over Africa.

To follow more of his amazing journey, visit Facebook, Instagram, or watch Ugandan 5 minute runway dresses on Latif's YouTube channel . He will be performing at Seattle Fashion Week October 13- 19th.  It truly was an amazing experience to watch him perform in person. 

Friday is here again, how did that happen so fast?! I hope your weekend is fantastic and filled with all the fun things of summer. Thanks for stopping here , I appreciate every visit and comment .

                                   xo VALERIE

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  1. It's so cool that you get to meet with these designers!!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend, sweet Valerie!

    1. Awe thanks you too glad you stopped by!

  2. Wow, this looks like such a fun event! It must have been so neat to see him create 3 outfits in 11 minutes... I can't imagine how it's possible!

    1. HI was pretty cool to watch! I cant imagine how its possible either..but amazing for sure! Have a great weekend!

  3. It never ceases to amaze me how creative a person can be under the right conditions. Thanks for cluing us in, Valerie.

    1. IT is so true Dominic! I love discovering fashion talent like this!

  4. OMG, how neat to see that! It looks like the event was a lot of fun.


    1. Thank you Tif, so glad you liked it and thanks for stopping by!

  5. Wow and I have not managed to finish that skirt I started over 10 years ago...LOL...I guess when you got it you got it

    1. Yes he is amazing...wishing I he lived close by to learn from!