I had a great time at Bellevue Fashion Week, and I was happy to meet two fashion celebrities! Lawrence Zarian and Vogue Market Stylist Cara Crowley.   The runway show was fantastic and I walked away with some great new information on trends for fall.

Knit coats for men and women were modeled in different earth tones.  White is super popular this fall season and it's not taboo anymore to wear white after labor day.   A beautiful "whiteout" dress  by Victoria Beckham was modeled(black and white shift dress).  Textured touch was displayed in a striped mink coat by Diane VanFurstenburg.   Of course my favorite print showed up and made me smile big!  Retro styles are also making a big comeback.  Decade influence is very much alive, especially from the 60's! 

 Diane VonFurstenburg mink coat seen at the show- LOVE IT!


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