I recently joined a fashion blogger group on LinkedIn.  The opportunity was presented to feature a menswear designer on my blog and I am happy and honored to do so! 

 CLAUDIO LUGLI  is an exciting Italian design company based in the United Kingdom. This clothing line is available at stores in the U.K. or online at www.claudioluglishirts.com.  A globally renowned menswear brand, Claudio Lugli has a growing reputation for creating garments with extremely innovative cutting and detail.  This company's signature product is their shirts.  Each one is an inspired work of art and made from the finest Italian fabrics. There are shirt styles available for women, as well. 

 In life there's things you just want to wear and MAKE A STATEMENT!  These shirts are fun, whimsical, and will definitely grab someone's attention!

Other designer items offered for the fashionable gentlemen are : sport coats, jeans, shoes, and swimwear.