40 Over Fashion: The Guy Behind the Blog

Photo: Valerie Hansen

Hi Guys and Gals! It's time for some midweek inspiration. I haven't featured any men's fashion on the blog yet, so now is a good time as any.  Who doesn't love to see a dapper dressed gentlemen?! I appreciate seeing stylish men, who take pride in their appearance.
Today I am sharing an interview with my blogger friend John @ 40overfashion.  It has been a blast to attend some of the local fashion events with him and his wife Catherine.  He has impeccable style and I am sure you will enjoy what he has to say!

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Ha ha, you just never know what they are hiding under those britches!


I'm a full time photographer specializing in corporate headshots. A few years ago I started taking my health more seriously and I lost 35 lbs. At about the same time I started to pay more attention to how I project myself to the world and the 'first impression' I was making. Unfortunately, in today's society, we're initially judged on our appearance. Technically, I'm selling a first impression by creating marketing images for people, so how can I talk-the-talk if I'm not walking-the-walk. After I lost weight, none of my old clothes fit anymore, so I had to build a entirely new wardrobe from scratch and that's how I became interested in sharing what I learned along the way.

1)Tell us what your blog is about:

 My blog is about helping older guys (or grownups in general) who may have lost their way when it comes to personal style, and dressing age appropriate while still being stylish.

2)What is your favorite part about blogging?

 My favorite part about blogging is hearing from people who read what I wrote and it helped them in some way. I also enjoy meeting new people, developing new relationships and having the opportunity to be involved with events I otherwise wouldn't have.

3)Why did you start a blog?

 I started my blog because I knew there was limited information out there about maintaining style in your 40's. I know because I looked when I was trying to figure it out for myself. Style at this age is sort of no-mans-land. We're too old to dress like we did in our 20's, but we're not old as dirt either. We're still young enough to start over but old enough to know what it is we want.

4) What are your long term goals for your blog?

I don't really have any long term goals for my blog at this point. Sure, it'd be nice to have tons of followers and have big brands pay me for content, but as it is right now, I'm pretty content just doing my own thing.

5) Who are your favorite style icons?

 I'm not sure I have any favorite style icons, but I do enjoy well dressed celebrities like David Beckham. If I had to pick one, I'd probably say Ralph Lauren just because he's been around for so long and fills a niche nobody else does. He also reinvents his line while still being recognizable as Ralph Lauren

6) Tell us a fun fact about yourself :

A fun fact about me is that I used to race cars. I raced with the Sports Car Club of America and the International Conference of Sports Car Clubs here in Washington state and Oregon for about 8 years. I also competed in a few pro series events with United States Touring Car Championship. I  won my series championship in 2006.

Well there you have it, hope you enjoyed the interview.  I would like to see more men's style blogs, how about you?  If there are some I don't know about feel free to share.

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  1. such a great interview


  2. Ooh, what a fun interview! Love this post, Valerie!

  3. John has great style, and love that he's sharing what he's learned with others who may be looking for similar advice! Great interview, Val!

    1. Yes he does! He does a great job with his blog...thanks for coming by again Jenn :) fun to see you on the webinar tonight..it was so fantastic ..I learned a ton!

  4. LOVE that clean, crisp mens fashion. Great looks. My favorite was the last - the red socks were a nice touch!

    1. HI Mandi! I agree that look is my fav as well...great to see guys with fab style! Thank you for stopping here!

  5. What a fun interview! I think there is definitely a need for more male fashion bloggers because like John said, there just really isn't a lot out there...and that pic of all the socks...on point!

    1. Hi Julie! Glad to see you here again...I love your blog ..and want to link up again, but I don't have any new travel posts...can u do older ones?

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  7. I had no idea John had a blog. Following now...

  8. very stylish! so great that here are all these niche blogs!

    1. Hi Ananda, yes finding your niche is great, although I heard on a blogging webinar last night...pushing a niche is not always necessary either...

      Thx for stopping by!