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Oahu: The Ultimate Girl's Getaway

6:46 AM

Oahu, Hawaii Waikiki, Travel, Travel Blogger

Photography: Valerie Hansen                      

Got the mid winter blues?  I sure do! The rain here in the Pacific Northwest is not letting up. I think Mother Nature is paying us back royally for the balmy temps we had last year! 

To help chase away the blues, I started reminiscing  about my trip to Hawaii last June. I've been to Oahu 4 times : twice in June, once in July, and another in October.

 I recommend planning trip to paradise in the fall or winter.  Although it was super exciting to go the day school got out, a winter getaway would be the ultimate!

Doing Oahu in a week on a budget is definitely possible!  There is so much to see, and I always wish I could stay two weeks . We stayed at the Aqua Oasis on Lewers. It is in the heart of Waikiki, and only a 7 minute walk to the beach.  The stay was lovely, very affordable and newly remodeled.   

Sit back, grab your sunnies, and enjoy the ride! Envision your toes in the sand, and a Mai Tai in hand!  Enjoy my picture diary of style and wanderlust in Hawaii!

Oahu, Hawaii, Waikikibeach, travel, travelblogger, fashionblogger
My favorite spot on the island: Waikiki Beach

Oahu, Hawaii, Waikiki, Travel, Travel Blogger
   Shave Ice-yummiest hawaiian treat!

   From Where I Stand:  The lobby area in our Hotel-The Aqua Oasis

Hawaii, Oahu, Waikiki, Travel, Travel Blogger

   Waikiki At Dusk

Travel, Oahu, Hawaii, Waikiki, Travelblogger, hawaii Photography
Hawaii, Oahu, WAikiki, Hawaii scenic images

Oahu, Hawaii, Travel, Travel blogger, Waikiki, Scenic Hawaii images

A Catamaran ride look so adventurous! On my list for next time. You can rent one close to the Royal Hawaiian Hotel

hawaii, oahu, waikik, travel, travelblogger
 Smell the sea and feel the sky! 

Honolulu on the Hill:  Beautiful view walking towards Diamond Head Park

travel, travelblgoger, Hawaii, Oahu, Waikiki Beach

 Breathtaking Views from the top Of Diamond Head.  A Must Do Hike!  The pain is worth the gain!

Hawaii, Oahu, WAikiki, Travel, Travel Blogger

Oahu, Hawaii, WAikiki Beach, travel, Travel blogger 
Aloha Means Love! Be sure to lather up on this hike! I got a nasty burn and allergic reaction from the sunscreen. Word to the not use a spray sunscreen! A cream based sunscreen is best for the temperatures and sun on top of Diamond Head

Hawaii, Waikikibeach, Oahu, Travel, Travelblogger, fashionblogger
 Hanging out with the king

Oahu, Hawaii, Waikiki Beach, Travel, Travelbloger, Hawaiistyle
Taking a coffee break in style!

   Perfect Combo: Romper and a Lei

Travel, Travel Blogger, Oahu, Hawaii, Coffeeshop, Island vintage Coffee

hawaiian coffee, waikiki, hawaii, travel, travelblogger, coffeeshop

Last but not least, you must visit this " treehouse like " coffee shop: Island Vintage Coffee. It is located in the Royal Hawaiian Village on the Waikiki strip.  If you are looking for more tips for planning the ultimate Hawaiian vacay: check out this amazing guide posted on "Live Your Aloha."

Mahalo for visiting my blog today! I hope this helped to brighten your winter days, and perhaps inspired you to book an island getaway.  I am hoping to go in the summer again, maybe to teach summer school! 

Have you been on a winter getaway yet? If so please do share in the comments, have a great weekend!                                            


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  1. Oh how I'm ready to go back to Hawaii! Thank you for sharing your pictures... Oahu is one of my favorite places!

    1. Thank you Ashleigh, I wish I could go every 3 is my #1 fav, and SFO is up there close!

  2. This takes me back there! Hawaii is the best, and you really brought it to life! I need a tropical vacation....

  3. I have never been to Hawaii... this looks like it was an amazing trip! The pictures are beautiful.

    1. Thanks need to go! Although you pretty much have Hawaii in your backyard there in Florida...I've never been there, want to go to the Keys Bad!

  4. I'm missing Hawaii and specifically Waikiki Beach! Your beautiful photos bring back so many memories for me of this tropical paradise. It's been about six years since I was last there. It's time for me to return for another great vacation. Thank you for sharing your family's photo scrapbook of your fabulous trip! :-)

    1. I hope you can go again soon! I went this past June and had not been back in 6 years either. I am hoping to change that and go every year, thanks for visiting!

  5. Hawaii....where I left my heart 10 years ago. My first time to ever surf and snorkel. I love Hawaii and and I am so glad you had a good time! I recently went to Tulum, Mexico...and I think I left my heart there too lol. I'll be posting a recap of it on my blog soon!!! glad to have found you.

    P.s. Google Tulum, Mexico!!!


    1. Thank you Chiara! I have never surfed there, I need to learn next time I go! I have been to Puerto Vallarta, but have never heard of Tulum, I will check it out.! Thanks for the visit!

  6. What a gorgeous place to visit, especially when winter starts dragging on and on.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I despise winter..I need to move..ha ha!

  7. I love visiting Hawaii - thank you for sharing. There is nothing like a little sun and beach to cure the winter blues.

    1. Hi Cecelia, yes I need a beach like winter! Thanks for visiting!

  8. I was born in Honolulu. Oahu is definitely my favorite place on earth! Gorgeous anytime of the year! :)

    1. Wow Joscely, lucky you!! I would love to live there for about 4 months a year! Thank your for commenting!

  9. I went to Oahu for the first time last April and absolutely loved the island! Definitely agree, it's perfect as a winter getaway for nice tropical temperatures when it's so cold back home - I'm based in the Pacific Northwest too, haha.

    1. Hey there neighbor!! Thanks for stopping by, didn't you just love it??! I am ready to go now!! Are you in the Seattle area?

  10. Oahu is so perfect! I will have to try that coffee shop next time:)

    1. Thanks for stopping by Terumi, it is indeed! I hope you get to go soon!

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  13. I only spent one night in Hawaii on a layover from Australia. I would love to go back, especially with girl friends. The beaches are stunning and I bet we would have so much fun!

    1. Hi Stephanie,

      I am dying to get back there , I hope you can go soon!


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