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Eco Fashion Week In Seattle: The Runway Reimagined

7:00 AM

Last Week I was invited to attend " Reinvent the Runway". A fashion show presented by Eco Fashion Week in partnership with Savers Value Village.  It was my second time to attend , and it was just as amazing as last year's show.

This year Seattle hosted Eco Fashion Week in addition to the runway show.  It is the first time Eco Fashion Week  has ventured outside of Vancouver B.C., where it has been held for the past 10 editions.  The growing not-for -profit organization features designers from:Vancouver, Seattle, NewYork, Portland, Indonesia, and Australia.

All of the looks were so interesting and creative! My favorites were the dress refashioned with tags , and the long gown with a colorful tail in back .

The mission of these organizations is to promote awareness about unnecessary waste of textiles.  Value Village, based in the Puget Sound, has launched an exciting new challenge to help combat this problem Every year in North America over 81 pounds of textiles are wasted. 

The 81 pound challenge inspires designers to transform unsold pieces into a dazzling runway designer collection.  The show in Seattle this year featured designers from many spots in the Pacific Northwest.  The theme of "rethink", "resuse". and "reimagine" is catching fire and inspiring new found design talent.

I so enjoyed seeing all the reimagined garments. Many thanks to Value Village and Eco Fashion Week for paving the way to a more sustainable fashion future.  It's hard to believe, but fashion is the 3rd most polluting industry in the world.

                                                            Photography: Peter Jensen
What do you think are the biggest challenges facing the sustainability of the textile industry?

I hope you enjoyed seeing discarded textiles turned into amazing designer digs.  Thanks for stopping by my blog, have a wonderful weekend!
                                                       xo Valerie

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  1. Hi Valerie. What a great cause for fashion show. Those eco friendly wardrobe are super edgy and trendy. I love what they stand for and of course their fabulous designs. It must have been such an honor for you. Thank you for sharing. This is very inspiring. -meileilan

    1. Thank you Meilelan it was so fun to see all the trendy designs...thanks for stopping by!


    2. I wondered if you had gone to Eco week and you did. I saw it on the news. Janet smith.

    3. Hey Janet!!!'

      Happy to see you hear friend!

  2. What a fun twist for fashion week. I love it!

  3. The show looks even better than last year! What beautiful clothes! I'm so glad you got to go!

    1. Thank you Angie, you were missed! Yes the outfits were so fabulous this time!

      xo Enjoy your holidays!


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