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Vermouth Travel & Lifestyle App: True Word of Mouth Experiences

7:14 AM

Happy Wednesday,

To all my traveler friends, and chasers of amazing experiences:  You are going to love this app!


As we all know, reviews online and on apps are a dime a dozen. It seem it's getting harder to track down information you can actually trust. That is where Vermouth comes in! Today I am excited to share the news of this new startup in the Northwest. This app is a visual diary: a  place to store your favorite destinations and lifestyle experiences.

Vermouth: Travel and lifestyle app-true word of mouth experiences

The app is based here in Seattle, and just rolled out this summer. It's my new favorite, and like Pinterest you can get lost on it four hours! Jaime McCullum, the founder and CEO, says: " People are more connected than ever, and don't need to rely on strangers for advice, on where to go."

Vermouth was launched to offer an alternative to the typical review app, which can sometimes be undependable. Instead of sharing overused information from the internet- the app focuses on "word of mouth experiences." These come from people you know and trust: friends, family, colleagues, and local influencers.

Vermouth travel and lifestyle app: true word of mouth experiences


Vermouth is very easy to navigate.  The app utilizes boards to organize your images and information.  There is so much opportunity to get creative with your content.

vermouth travel and lifestyle app true word of mouth experiences

There are 3 main tabs to click on: "Recent", "Boards", and "Maps".  Recent is where the feed shows up, and you can pin anything there from other boards to your own. It's super cool that you can map it, right within the app.

Once you sign up and are logged in, you can start making and labeling your boards. For instance, I use the boards on the app to organize my travel destinations by city.  Within those boards, I have my favorite go to spots in those cities pinned to those boards. My Vermouth account is basically an extension of the travel tab here on my blog.


What do I love most about it!? The comments people leave on their boards about a business or destination, are GOLD! Many of the comments are detailed, and tell exactly what the person experienced in that place, and why they are passionate about. What better way to learn true facts about the lifestyle experiences you want to have.

Vermouth travel and lifestyle app: true word of mouth experiences

A new update just rolled out this week. You can now click on the Instagram icon , and import your insta photos directly to your boards. More fabulous features are in the works: soon you will be able to reserve a table at your favorite dive, or catch a ride on lyft etc.

I hope you will check out Vermouth, I promise you will get hooked fast! It is free to download on the app store here. I have chatted with a few from the team, and they are so amazing! For every download of the app: one dollar is donated to Planned Parenthood.

Also for trending stories, follow Vermouth's blog, or find them on facebook, twitter, and Instagram.

Until Next time,


Hello beauties, I'm Valerie! I reside near Seattle WA, and am a proud Canadian from Vancouver B.C. On this site are guides for travel in the U.S., Canada and Europe. I hope to inspire Women 40+ live their best life: by seeking adventure in the city, at a beach or at a mountain escape. Subscribe for destination tips and style guides for the trip.


  1. What a useful app! I love that you can share your experiences at a business so easily. The developers put a lot of thought into how the user's experience.

    1. Thank you Erica..yes they did... a great team of creatives at Vermouth!

  2. What a great idea! And started in Seattle - even better ;) Will have to check this out.

  3. Thank you so much Valerie. Lot's more to come!

    1. Thank you so much for the collaboration Jaime, excited for the new features!

  4. Definitely app that i need to learn more about, thanks for sharing xo

  5. What a cool app idea! Definitely will check it out, Val! :)

    1. Hey Jenn,

      Yes its very cool, I am sure you will love it!

  6. Looks very interesting. I Love Pinterest so this should be interesting to check out.

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