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A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of networking with a local personal stylist, new to the Seattle style scene.  Susan Kim, is the owner and stylist of Sum Style located in South Lake Union. Sum Style is a fashion company, based out of Los Angeles and offers wardrobe consultations and several styling packages.  Susan is a graduate of  F.I.D.M , also in the L.A. area.

MapleLeopard Blog Seattle WA

MapleLeoapard Blog, Seattle, WA

MapleLeopard Blog Seattle WA

MapleLeopard Blog Seattle Wa

MapleLeopard Blog, Seattle, Wa

I met Susan and Eric( who does public relations for the company), to discuss how fashion is evolving in Seattle. It was great learning more about what they do. These two young people were so inspiring to me. I was so impressed by Susan's story and her desire to make fashion more accessible to men and women, in the Seattle area. Both Eric and Susan were full of enthusiasm about style in the Emerald city.

Susan's goal is to understand her client's Seattle lifestyle , and to give style advice based on that information. She works with clients from all backgrounds, and hopes to inspire them to find confidence through wardrobe styling.

" Fashion is loud. It is a form of self representation, attitude, and with clothes we seek for respect in a silent but bold way. "
                                  - Susan Kim

The style culture at Sum Style is very diverse. This is because of Susan's credible experiences at major fashion chains such as: Bloomingdales and All Saints.

If you are in the Seattle metro area and are in need of styling services, the following packages are available:

Th styling packages vary from 1-on-1 personal styling (our most popular), Event Styling, Travel Styling, and Virtual Styling. All of our packages work in a simple 3 step system of:

Step 1: complimentary 30-minute phone consultation

Step 2: 1-hour in-person consultation where we really dig deep into paving a road map and mood board into our client’s new style

Step 3: Fitting of up to 5 -8 full head-to-toe outfits 

It was so great to collaborate with Susan and Eric.  I'm happy they are part of the Seattle fashion community. Check out SumStyle instagram , they were so kind to feature my outfit on their page.

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  1. Love your style

  2. Thank you so much!!! You are amazing and your style is even more amazing! It was such a pleasure meeting you :)

    1. Thank you was so nice to meet you both...!! Take care

  3. Great outfits, this was a really interesting read, thanks for sharing! xo, Brittany |

  4. This is really fantastic! I wish I was in your area! Love this service!!! Great styling for sure!

    1. Thanks Debbie..yes the fashion community is really emerging here!

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