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Rossario George: The Ultimate Resort Wear Collection

7:00 AM

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*This post was sponsored by Rossario George Fashion House. As always, all opinions are my own.

I am anxiously waiting the arrival of spring, as I am sure you are too! Spring brings new life and refreshing of the mind. It is also the time when we start planning summer getaways and our vacation outfits.

Today I am excited to share the story of  Seattle fashion designer, Tony Vicente. He is the founder and CEO of Rossario George: a  luxurious resort wear line for the stylish traveler, businesswomen, or mom who wants to step up her style game.

Tony's passion and talent for painting sparked much interest in his work. This led to the creation of his first company "Vincente Living."  In 2017 Shop Vida approached Tony about designing a collection for their store. This is how Rossario George was born.  His clothing line was designed with the stylish traveler in mind. 

Resort Wear to Take You from Day to Night:

Style yourself chic in this beautiful wrap for a day out on the town. The light and airy fabric make it the go-to accessory to pair with your jeans or shorts. Or, slip it over your favorite swimsuit to make a stand out statement at the beach!  The Amphitrite wrap is just out, along with the rest of the 2018 Spring/Summer Collection.

resortwear, travelcollection, seattledesigner, rossariogeorge,

resortwear, RessorioGeorge, Travelcollection, seattledesigner, traveloutfits

Complete your look with a pair of  Darby heels and a printed leather statement clutch. A  monochrome outfit never goes out of style and is always classic. This ensemble transitions easily to evening wear by adding a glitzy top and jewelry.

Rossario George, Resortwear, traveloutfits, seattledesigner, travelcollection

Many more fabulous outfit combinations are available from Tony's Collections. Whatever is in mind for your next vacation, Rossario George has you covered!  If you like to keep up an exercise routine while on the go, chic workout wear is available as well. Next up is an interview with Tony. Grab your coffee and start planning that vacation!

Tony Vicente: Founder, CEO, and Designer of Rossario George

When did you first realize you wanted to pursue a career as a fashion designer?

I love designer clothing, so the passion was always there but the opportunity and know how wasn’t available until recently. It’s funny, but I have only been in the fashion industry since July 2017 but being in the Marketing industry for close to 15 years provides me the tools I need to make things happen rapidly.

What was the first rookie mistake you made when starting out? 

Trying to do and launch a number of things at once. I did get lucky and found a strong base of interest for all my lines, but if I had to do it over again I would launch much slower than I did.

 How long have you been designing, and how long did it take for your first collection to be released?

Only a short period of time, since July 2017 to be exact. The collection I released in February was my second collection. The Spring/Summer collection took me 3 days to develop and put into production. Designing is a fluid thing for me. It rushes out when its ready.

 Did you learn to design on your own, or did you attend a fashion design program at a university or college? 

Everything I do is self-taught. I taught myself how to draw, paint and now design. For me, fashion design is a desire and I could never “learn” how to do it. I want the passion and joy of creating from my heart and soul, not from something I acquired from a textbook.

What is the main source of inspiration for your designs ? 

Love and life. Color and patterns. It's all emotion for me and the surroundings that inspire me. Life is a wonderous thing. That feeling is exactly what I want to convey in my collections.

I am really excited about your 2018 spring/summer collection, just released in February, Can you tell us more details, and the kind of lifestyle that would be the perfect fit for your designs?

The Rossario George Spring/Summer collection is my love letter to the world. I want everyone to feel their best and feel beautiful as the weather warms and we are outdoors more. I just came from sunny, warm Arizona.  Every where I looked, I felt that every person I saw should be in Rossario George. This line is perfect for the season, whether it be at the office or poolside at a resort. It is classy, colorful and oh so comfortable.

What was your biggest fear when you started your own line?

I can’t say I had any fears. I had the backing of a major company and the desire and passion to get it done. When you believe in yourself, fear never stands a chance.

What made you want to expand your business from designing just clothing, to adding shoes?

Once again, it was opportunity that stepped in. Shoes of Prey loved my work and wanted to see if I wanted to design shoes with them.  Of course, who is going to say no to that?  I'm a shoe fanatic, so the opportunity to design shoes was a dream come true.

Who is a person in your life, or in the fashion industry, that inspires you the most?

That would be my partner of 17 years. In fact, my signature collection Casa Scumaci was directly named for him. To take it further, the name of Rossario George is an homage to my partner’s father, who passed away many years ago. This man was a true fashion icon with a name to match.

How do you want women to feel when they wear your designs?

Luxurious, yet comfortable. Rossario George is a fashion house for all who want to experience the most out of life.

There is so much pressure for designers to come out with the latest and greatest collections every season.  What advice would you give to upcoming designers who are trying to make it in the industry?

Don’t follow trends, follow your heart. A true designer dictates what is fashion.  He does not follow what is trending.

Lastly, are you a Seattle native?  If not, what inspired you to come here and develop your fashion business?

 I was actually born and raised in Manhattan, but came here 17 years ago because I wanted to see and experience something new. Who knew I would find the love of my life, start a family and find the path I was supposed to be on. In closing, I was born to love and appreciate the beauty of the world.  I think it was fate's plan to see me become a part of an industry that is all about creating and showing beautiful things. My life is my biggest muse, so if you are impressed with what my current collections have looked like, then hang on, because you are in for the ride of your life! Fall/Winter is gonna rock your world!

Resortwewar, ressariogeorge, travelcollection, traveloutfits, seattledesigner

It was a pleasure to connect with Tony, and share his story with all of you. Tony's brand is on the move! An exquisite line of shoes are the newest addition, check them all out here.

 A storefront is also in the works.  I'm very excited to see what is in store for the fall/winter collection! Stay in the know by following Rossario George on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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