Friday, September 19, 2014


Leopard is by far one of my favorite prints to wear!  I love my black and gold raincoat.  Whether you are in the office or out for a night on the town, wearing leopard is a sure way to be seen.  Leopard prints tend to be the most popular of the animal prints.

Animal prints are known as one of the longest standard prints in fashion. These prints represent a lasting trend that continues to get reinvented every season.


Headbands are a stunning accessory that help define your style and add a finishing touch to your outfit.  They look great with different lengths of hair.  You can also pin your hair into a low bun and wrap the headband so it sits like an angled halo.  Flowered headbands have been a very popular choice this year, as seen here on my daughter.  They abound right now in an assortment of colors and styles.  Wide bands with hippie motif (boho) are very popular with younger girls.  Some have very delicate details, especially vintage bands chosen frequently by brides to be.


 This BCBG sweater and cute little dress by American Rag, are on display in the JR dept at Macys.  Pastel Shades mostly show up in spring and summer.  This past winter this lovely shade of pink made its debut.  I have always disliked any shade of pink, and would never wear it.  That all changed when I fell in love with all the new styles in this color.  AKA: Smoke Rose, Misty Rose, and Cameo Rose.  Pastel shades are feminine yet modern.


Leggings are great for the cooler fall weather and are so versatile.  Shown here is a tunic paired with leggings and boots.  Great for a casual event!  Shed the leggings and add a pair of heels.  Now you are ready for a dressier event.  
Remember leggings and tights are different.  Tights should only be worn with dresses or skirts.


The story of my closet...HA! Well I didn't think I would ever say this but I have too many outfit choices and have a hard time in the morning making a quick decision on what to wear (shhhh;-))
I keep buying more! Yes, it's a sickness called "I can't live without this!"  You do not have to spend big dollars to look like a million.  I hardly ever pay full price for anything.  If what I am looking for is not on sale at a great price, then I sew it myself! 
 Your closet definitely has to be organized and functional, it helps make those decisions at 6 a.m just a little quicker!  I would love to have a closet the size of my bedroom. (Uh oh that would probably get my wallet in a LOT of trouble!)  I like all my clothes sorted by piece, color, and season.  Storing your shoes in boxes helps keep their shape and they last much longer.  I am planning to transition all of mine to clear boxes.  A fun way to store boots is to buy pool noodles, cut then in half and voila your boots are standing up straight and keeping their shape.