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5 Tips to Prepare Your Wardrobe for a New Season

* This post is sponsored by Muscle Movers LLC Las Vegas . All opinions are my own. Fall is one of my favorite seasons of the year. and I'm definitely missing fall in the Pacific Northwest ( minus the rain!)  I love the change of seasons and shopping for a new wardrobe. The start of a new season is the perfect time to work on your closet and prepare your clothing for the upcoming weather etc.

Top Places for a Staycation in Seattle

If you don't want to travel far just yet,  a staycation is wonderful idea. It's fun way to escape the grind and experience gems in your own backyard. I lived in Seattle area for 35 years. We are currently living in the Southwest, but mostly likely will go back. I miss Seattle and the PNW immensely!  

6 Tips for a Healthy Autumn

* This post is sponsored and written by the Agency  As the weather changes, we’re looking for ways to stay healthy and active. If you’re living in northern climates, this is the time for gearing up for winter sports, comfort foods and soothing drinks. If you’re in more southern climates, the hint of cool is a sign that it’s time to go for a hike or run. Shift Your Colors The fall always inspires a change in colors. The old rules used to be putting white away at the beginning of September. That’s probably still a great idea, but there’s so much more to do. One of the best ways to celebrate fall is to shift into fall colors. Get into all the golden hues, rusts, oranges, and maroons. Bring out the warm chocolate, burnt umber and deep greens. If you are short on ideas, just look at nature. Nature puts on a show of autumn colors in places that have broad-leaf trees. If you’re not living in such a region, get out the photos and go online to get inspired. Wherever you find yourself

Bellevue Collection Posh Party: 7 Decades of Fashion

 *This post is in collaboration with the Bellevue Collection; Bellevue WA. I received a complimentary virtual pass for the show.  All opinions are my own. *Photography Credits: Vivian Hsu Photography , Jennifer Leavitt and the Bellevue Collection FB Page* The Bellevue Collection Fashion Week is the Pacific Northwest's premier fashion event happening every fall.  I've been fortunate to attend every show since 2014.  Last year the show was virtual only, due to the pandemic.

Las Vegas Nevada: Women In Business Summit Recap

*This post is in collaboration with the Women in Business Summit Las Vegas. I received a complimentary ticket into the show in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. Last week I had the awesome opportunity to attend the WOMEN IN BUSINESS SUMMIT  at Palace Station Casino. It was an entire day packed with keynote speeches from influential women ( & men) breakout sessions, networking and delicious food! I'm very blessed I was able to attend and meet new faces.

Whistler B.C: Why You Should Visit in the Fall

Visit a winter ski resort in the fall, say what? Ah yes, Whistler  is known as a renowned winter destination and is home to one of the top ski resorts in the world.  Most travelers visit here when mounds of puffy white stuff are blanketing the village. I made my visit in October. All the fall colors were showing off so beautifully!

St. Helen's Oregon: Celebrate Fall at Halloweentown

* This post contains affiliate links. If you click or purchase I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.  Today I'm covering the small town made famous by the 1998 Disney movie " Halloween Town."  It was great to discover this hidden gem along Lewis and Clark Trail.  My  daughter suggested we visit the place where the movie was filmed. It was a "spooktaculiar day, and it's always fun to be a kid again!

What to Wear in the Southwest for Fall: Transition from Summer outfit

Happy weekend to you! Today I'm sharing tips on how to transition to fall style when living in the desert.  As you know we moved to Las Vegas in late June, and it's been crazy getting used to the scorching temps!  I'm SO happy it is starting to cool down! Yesterday was the last day of triple digit temperatures for the year, YASSSS!!

Where to Find a Sandy Beach in Vegas: 6 Reasons to love Elia Pool Club

Hi ya friends, greetings from the desert! Today's post is a review of an amazing spot you must visit behind the Las Vegas strip! Wait, ya mean one can relax on a sandy beach in the desert?! Oh yes, can you believe it? I was shocked and thrilled to find such an oasis just 15 minutes from our new house!

The Most Exciting Ways to Travel the World Virtually in 2021

Image: ( Sean Oulashin) This post is written and sponsored by  The ongoing coronavirus pandemic is transforming the world of travel. With many nations closing their borders and suspending international flights, global travel came to a standstill. At the peak of the Covid crisis in April 2020, all global destinations had implemented travel restrictions. Bound to their homes for days on end, people started to explore new ways to travel the world. Adventure seekers resorted to virtual travel to satiate their wanderlust.