Sunday, February 8, 2015


 I am always Hollywood dreaming, especially this time of the year when the sunny days in the Northwest are few. Thoughts of my trips there make me smile, and helps ease the mid winter blues.  

 If you have never made a trip to downtown LA to the many miles of shops, you are missing out! It is a fashion lover's paradise.  Deciding what to buy will certainly be your worst dilemma.  The choices are endless, and the prices are very reasonable.   

Hollywood Blvd

This street has very unsusual and eclectic shops. It is one of my favorites for finding unique styles and people watching, never a dull moment!  Marilyn is there ready to pose!
Be sure and sneak over to Rodeo drive too, well could get you into BIG trouble...just stay outside and window shop!

Hollywood Sign

Lastly, if you are up for a hike to the top of the world, head to the Hollywood Hills and start climbing.   OH MY GOODNESS, I thought I would die and never make it up!  Rattle snake signs and the continuous steep climb, almost deterred me from reaching the top.  The strenuous effort is totally  worth it for the breath taking view. It was the most exhilarating experience I've ever had! 

Spring is on the way, I hope this brought some sunshine to your winter days! I can't wait for the spring/summer trends to hit the shelves!