Friday, April 24, 2015


Bella getting cuddles from my daughter Ashlin

 Would you quit your primping and get my breakfast! This cat
is personality plus with a little bit of sass(like her owner!)

 Happy weekend beautiful people, hope you are doing great! Most of my posts have been fashion focused but I decided to venture out into some lifestyle themed posting.

I am a huge cat lover, but not a crazy cat lady with 100 cats! I am OCD about animal hair, so keeping up with one pet is plenty. I with out a doubt,  inherited a love of cats from my daddy.  He was a painter and travelled for work, with his cat in tow!  I've always had a soft heart for all animals, except for the those nasty little bug creatures, snakes, and rodents!

I know how much fur babies enrich life for us all!

1) They help beat the blues when you are down in the dumps!  A loyal companion, and unconditional love always awaits you.

2) Many people enjoy improved health benefits, such as lower blood pressure and emotional healing.

3) Animals also provide a huge social benefit! They are the common denominator that helps us connect with others!

How has an animal enriched your life? I'd love to hear your stories!

Thanks again for all your continued support.  I joined a blogger group on face book and after visiting several blogs, I am feeling the pressure to step it up.  I am going to hire someone in the near future to redo the design of my blog so it will be more visually appealing!  The technical side of blogging  is definitely "kicking  my butt!"

Talk again soon!



Getting love from my friend's dog Strider