Friday, May 8, 2015


Hello and happy Friday!  The weekend of celebrating mothers is almost here, I am so honored and humbled to be the mother of two amazing children.  I wish all of you mothers a very happy Mother's Day with your loves!


I grew up as an only child and didn't get to enjoy all the sibling rivalry, and fun times of having some one to  rough up or wreak havoc with!  When the season of motherhood started in my life, I was determined to have more than one child.  Watching them grow up together and do all the things siblings do to each other, has taught me many lessons about life!

 I have learned that nothing is your own anymore, it is to be shared..ha! (Girls always in your closet borrowing your stuff!)

I have realized it is one of the most beautiful relationships God created, there is absolutely no love stronger than that of a mother!

I love how I have mixed emotions of wanting to kick someone to the moon one minute, and the next minute be filled with overwhelming love and forgiveness.

My priorities became so different, I don't get to be first anymore- it is the most awesome lesson in unselfishness.

My body will never be the same!!...stretch marks and's totally worth it!

Motherhood shakes you up, turns you upside down on your head, and makes you a better person than you ever were before!

Now that the empty nest is imminent, my reflection on these very special years brings a big lump to my throat and trickles of tears on my cheeks.  I'm very proud of the adults they have become.  It's hard to believe that next month they will both graduate rom high school and college.

I also pay honor to my own mother who is 85 years old!  She is an amazing woman who has weathered many storms.  She worked hard and raised me mostly on her own. I am so very thankful for her endless love.