Friday, May 15, 2015

Where To Find Fine Fashion In Seattle

 Yay it's Friday, I hope all of you have a fantastic weekend ! Where can you find fine fashion in Seattle?  At the Finerie of course! A sophisticated boutique offering designer wear, accessories, d├ęcor, and furnishings.

A few weeks ago I ventured across the pond as I often do to visit downtown.  This time I was not on a mission to shop! I know hard to believe right!?! I just went to enjoy the beautiful sunshine, It has been the most amazing spring in the Northwest!

On the walk up the hill from the ferry, I stopped at this boutique that always catches my eye! I usually breeze in and out real fast.  This time I decided to take a closer look!  All the unique styles inside were calling out to me..."COME IN!" . It was truly a "kid in a candy store" experience! I wanted to buy just about everything I saw!

The selection was wide and very eclectic for ladies, as well as men.  The accessory choices were very intriguing and different, that's what I LOVED about this boutique! Unfortunately I didn't have time to stay and shop, as I had others waiting for me. At least my wallet had a well deserved rest!  I did get to talk to one of the delightful stylists in the store, and she graciously allowed me to take some photos. 

This shop is definitely a fashion destination you should check out! The atmosphere is very inviting, and the shop is decorated with beautiful class.  The selection at the Finery is indeed very fine!  Is there a specialty shop in Seattle that you like to frequent? If so, please do share!