Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Designer Night at Seattle Fashion Week

Good Morning!

This past Saturday evening, I attended the designer showcase night for Seattle Fashion Week.  It was an amazing night, and it was so fun to sit up close in the media section!  The designer talent I saw was just WOW!

The first designer on the runway was Karen Ashley.  This beautiful work is a celebration of a woman's femininity, elegance, beauty , and strength.  As you can see from her striking pieces, her designs represent all that is timeless and classic.  I really liked the rich jewel tones of teal and plum, and the fur is fantastic as well!

Next up was House Of Ham by Maria Ham.  I  actually met Maria last March at the Seattle Art Institute where she was attending.  I had the fun experience of modeling for some of the designers presenting their collections for graduation requirements.  She is lovely and a very talented young lady. Her designs definitely fit the more casual aesthetic in the Seattle area. House of Ham garments are constructed for day or night wear, with comfort in mind.  They are meant to be worn with other basics you may already have in your wardrobe.  What I loved about this collection was the unique use of exposed zippers, trims, and color combinations.

There were 9 designers total. Unfortunately I am featuring only 3 here, as my device ran out of battery charge. The last one I was able to photograph, was Julie Danforth Designs. I absolutely adore this collection, as its inspiration comes from several famous designers and celebrities of the 1960's.  Julie's designs will have you dreaming of yesteryear fashion Audrey Hepburn, as well as others. The classic design lines of this collection exude subtle sexiness and sophistication

All of the designers were outstanding, way too much fashion talent to absorb in one sitting! I am including the websites of the remaining 6 designers at the bottom of this post. You would definitely benefit from checking them out!  Which designs here catch your eye?  It was really fun to attend this event! Bellevue fashion week is coming up in September if you were not able to attend the Seattle show.

I hope all of you have a fantastic week!  I will be on a short break from blogging and will return soon with more great fashion. Twitter and Instagram will still be updated. Thank you for visiting and supporting my blog!