Tuesday, July 7, 2015

3 Tips for Hiking Diamond Head

Good Morning lovely people!  I hope everyone had a super fun July 4th weekend!  I am still basking in the memories of our amazing Hawaiian vacation, and have a few more posts to share from my time there.

Prior to this trip, I've visited Oahu 3 times. I've experienced most of the touristy type things there, except the Diamond Head hike. On Father's day morning we decided to go for it!. My daughter, her friend and I, made it to the top in about 90 minutes.  Now I have proved I'm not as prissy as some might think, ha!  Well I have to admit the hot sweaty part I did NOT enjoy, but it was worth it to see the stupendous view! I have to say it is the most breath taking sight I have ever seen!

If you decide to hike Diamond Head on your visit to Oahu, I have a few tips for you!

1) Start your hike early in the morning. We started at 10:30, it was too late of a start. It was already extremely hot by then.

2) Do not use spray sun screen!  I always use lotion, and decided to change it up this time. Big mistake! I never burn, and this time I burned badly on my legs.  There is some breeze on the climb, which probably caused the spray screen to coat the air instead of me! 

3) Pace yourself. I started up too fast, and then when the steepest part of the climb came...uh oh killer on the breathing apparatus!

On the way back down

 Some Fun Facts About Diamond Head

1) There is no lava in the volcano crater. Diamond Head has been inactive for over 150, 000 years.

2) The crater's name came about when British Seaman saw sunlight reflecting off its calcite crystals. They thought they sparkled like diamonds.

3) In Hawaiian, the name is Le'ahi which translates into English as "the brow of a tuna fish". From a distance, the crater looks like the back and fin of a fish.

4) The mount stands 760 feet above sea level, and about 560 feet above the crater floor
 of the Pacific Ocean.  On a very clear day you may see the nearby island of Molokai.

More Hawaii coming soon, have a great week!

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