Wednesday, July 15, 2015

MacarON Cafe NYC- Cookie Review

Photography: L.T. Hansen 


Mmmm macarons!! This café in New York City reached out to me for a collaboration and I am so glad they did! I received a beautiful white box in the mail with 6 delectable macarons.  I could hardly wait to tear into them. They tasted just as fabulous as they look! It was a lot of fun doing a photo shoot with the French cookies!

MacaronON café is located in New York City, and has 17 locations to visit.  A lunch menu is available in addition to the assortment of macarons.  If you can't make a visit, just head on over to their online store. They also offer recipe books to purchase to make your own cookies! Their stores have been recognized as the connoisseurs of this delicious French pastry because of the wonderful variety of flavors from their master chef, Cecile Cannone.

I would like to thank MacarON for the collaboration and the lovely cookies!  Eating them makes me want to hop a plane to NYC to see them being made!   What is your favorite French confection?  Have you ever made your own macarons? I never have but would like to try!

Have a sweet Wednesday, talk again soon!