Monday, July 27, 2015

Once Upon a Time in Stevetson B.C.

Good Morning!

I hope the weekend was fantastic for you!  I made another short trip back to my home town again in Canada. This time I visited a little village by the sea I had never seen before.  My daughter wanted to find the setting for the ABC series "Once Upon A Time."  It was fun to see the buildings used in the show and tour the town.

Stevetson is located 30 minutes  south of Vancouver BC.  It is on the west coast of Richmond, and is where the mighty Fraser River and the Pacific Ocean converge. This charming town has a very relaxing aura about it, the locals are very friendly, and it's perfect for a weekend get away.

What are your favorite weekend spots to visit in summer? Sometimes if a vacation is not possible, getting away for the weekend does the trick!

Have a great week!