Monday, August 3, 2015

How an Aha Moment Can Change Your Life

I should've jumped in, sizzling temps in the NW!

High in the sky scenic ride on the monorail!

  A pit stop at Pike Place Market for some refreshing peach tea

Last week I was invited by  Mutual of Omaha video tour to come over to Seattle Center and share my aha moment.  It was a beautiful sunny day and I enjoyed the sites.  I was a little nervous, but it was a super fun experience and I'm thankful they contacted me.  One video from the nationwide tour will be chosen  to feature on an upcoming commercial, that would be so cool!

For those who have been following my blog, I thought I would share the inspiration for starting this journey. For most of us there is usually a defining "aha moment" that sets the course for a new adventure in life.  Last summer is when my aha moment came. 

I was networking on Linked In to find a new job, and had hopes that a new career would be on the way soon.  It was there I connected with a entrepreneurial college student named Eric. He asked me what my passion was. I replied "I love fashion, sewing, design and love to help others."  He said "Well then, start writing a blog!" He also helped me with some of the technical issues of getting it started.  A huge thank you to Eric for encouraging me to follow my passion.

I'm so glad I made the plunge! The blogging community is so awesome and supportive. I have met  some really amazing people and made many new friends! 

Have you had an aha moment, a defining split second of clarity that set a new course?  I would love to hear it! I hope your week is filled with all the best things in life, thanks for visiting!