Monday, September 21, 2015

Fashion First: What's Hot on the Seattle Runway

This past Friday was an exciting night at the Sodo district of Seattle. It was my first time to attend fashionFIRST.  It was an auction and fashion show to benefit for the "Inspire Youth Project", and "Cresent Moon Foundation." These are both wonderful organizations that support children and youth in the local area.  As an educator, it was thrilling to see the huge effort made on behalf of less fortunate children.

Inspire youth provides social and emotional links to At Risk Youth  and children. Crescent Moon was established by Hall of Famer Warren Moon, it enables educational pursuits for needy children who have shown a commitment to their community.   Over 100,000 dollars was raised for both of these worthy causes.

Photo: Jami Davis
Outfit: Annette Dresser

 The show was just fabulous and everything I saw on the runway was just exquisite!  Fall fashion this year has such a wide range of offerings, catering to just about every eclectic taste.  It was refreshing to see an abundance of men's fashion at this event.  Dark minimalism was the recurring theme with most of the pieces.

Photo: Jami Davis   
Outfit: Intermix

Several local boutiques were represented such as: Ragamoffyn'sCanopy Blue, and David Lawrence, and LA REE.  Other clothiers showcasing festive fall fashion were , Intermix, The Brik, Elizabeth Jane, Elizabeth Roberts and AIS.

This black and green combo on this wool coat was fantastic, perfect for fall and winter days in the northwest.

 This outfit was my absolute favorite of the night. The leather jacket with the front fur accents was so classy and chic.  The felt cap added the perfect finishing touch to the outfit. I just love this hat trend and hope its stays around awhile!

Photo: Jami Davis
Outfits: Canopy Blue

These beautiful plaid wool capes were also favorites of mine

Photo: Jami Davis

Photo: Jami Davis

   The show concluded with A twelfth man parade of pieces  presented by designers from the Art Institute of Seattle.  What a fun and whimsical collection representing our beloved Seahawks!

A highlight of the night was meeting other bloggers who are lighting up the fashion scene in the emerald city. This lovely gal blogs at Seattlesylista, she has a very successful blog and you will love her style! It was cool to find out she is in University where my daughter is also attending.

This month is where major fashion weeks are happening all over the globe. What trends this fall are resonating with you?  Well lovely people, it is time to start another week, I hope it's a great one!