Friday, January 8, 2016

The Seattle Meowtropolitan: Cats and a Cuppa Jo

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seattle, seattleblogger, travel, travelblogger,catlover, cats, sheltercats, animalresuce,coffeeshop

SEattleblogger, cats, travelblogger,fashionblogger,travel,catlover,catcafe,coffeeshop, SEattle, Wallingford

Photography: Valerie Hansen

Catpuccino anyone?  If you are a lover of coffee and cats, then "Meowtropolitan" cafe is a must see destination! The Wallingford area of Seattle is home to this new coffee shop and cattery. Cat cafes are quite popular in Europe, and are starting to gain popularity here in the states.

I've loved cats all my life. I think I was born with the cat lover gene, if there is such a thing! My fondest childhood memory of my dad, was him carting his cat along with him everywhere he went. When I heard the Meowtropolitan was coming to town, I knew I had to get there asap!