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Maple Leopard is a blog that specializes in fashion tips, style guides, and travel stories. It is also a community to share inspiration and find beauty in everyday life. I'm passionate about inspiring ladies  to feel beautiful, confident, and to take more travel breaks! I believe style has no age or size. I started blogging  in 2014 to share inspirational stories about the things I'm passionate about.

Who Is the girl behind the blog?

I 'm Valerie, originally from Vancouver, B.C. Canada. The Seattle area has been my home for many years . I'm a reading teacher by day, and a blogger by night. I do love teaching and mentoring young people. My love of fashion started in the early teens. I learned to sew in middle school at age 13. I still sew now, and love this creative way to express personal style.

Travel is another passion of mine. I'm always planning the next adventure and researching destinations. I like to learn as much as possible about the places I visit, so I can share the best tips for travel here on the blog.  My idea of the perfect getaway is lounging on the beach in a tropical place. My favorite vacations spots are Oahu Hi, Las Vegas, San Fransisco, The Canadian Rockies, and Southern CA.

Other fun facts:

I adore cats! I studied music in college, so I love to sing and play piano. Healthy living and the outdoors are also what I enjoy. I believe a smile can always make someone's day better.  I'm thankful for God's grace and my family.

Whether you’re a new follower or have been reading my blog from the beginning, thank you so much for supporting Maple Leopard. I hope this is a spot where you can find inspiration and even a few laughs along the way. I value each visit, comment, and kind word.

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                                                          xo Valerie


  1. Hey Valerie, great to see your blog. Love it! Look forward to reading more! Cheers, Nicole (Mint Mocha Musings) :)

  2. HI nice to connect with you, thanks for stopping by!

  3. Kind of loving your blog, hope you can continue to post new articles, haha