I was so honored and excited to be chosen as one of the 3 winners of the "Street Style" Instagram contest for Bellevue Fashion week!



Outerwear is an expression of your style, as much as the rest of your wardrobe. It is the first thing to be seen, so it has to make a great statement!  A lot of our time is spent inside a coat, well, in the very "dry"( ha ha ) climate of the NW it is anyway!

I was on a mission to find an unusual fabric to make a stylish raincoat, to my amazement I found it in the upholstery section where they carry tablecloth fabric.  I loved the Paris print(of course) and the vintage pink color.  I used a simplicity pattern, and added black piping to make the towers pop out.

My other raincoat creation is very interesting and a great conversation piece! I don't wear it often, as the materials used were very fragile.Yes this coat was make from plastic bags!(backed wtih I saw a coat designed by Linda Macphee( modeled at the NW Sewing and Stichery Expo a few years ago. Her designs are so amazing and unique!  If you want to have a great keepsake from a trip you went on, make a plastic bag coat! You will get stared at for sure!  Make sure you have LOTS of patience stored up first...this project tested mine several times!  Make sure you get tons of bags. I ran out :(     ( Old navy had to fill in, I should get paid for advertising!)

Stay tuned.  I will be posting more coats in the coming days and reviewing what is trending for women, as well as men.


Leopard is by far one of my favorite prints to wear!  I love my black and gold raincoat.  Whether you are in the office or out for a night on the town, wearing leopard is a sure way to be seen.  Leopard prints tend to be the most popular of the animal prints.

Animal prints are known as one of the longest standard prints in fashion. These prints represent a lasting trend that continues to get reinvented every season.


Headbands are a stunning accessory that help define your style and add a finishing touch to your outfit.  They look great with different lengths of hair.  You can also pin your hair into a low bun and wrap the headband so it sits like an angled halo.  Flowered headbands have been a very popular choice this year, as seen here on my daughter.  They abound right now in an assortment of colors and styles.  Wide bands with hippie motif (boho) are very popular with younger girls.  Some have very delicate details, especially vintage bands chosen frequently by brides to be.