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 Published: Seattle Fashion Daily 11/27/14

The spring color report is out, and a gorgeous palette of colors are on the way.  Spring hues found in new designs will  focus on the simpler times of yesteryear, getting back to nature, a disconnect from technology, and escape from the hustle of life.  Soft cool hues will blend with warm earth tones to create a feeling of breathing fresh air.

Drum roll...and the exquisite shades are:

 aquamarine: cool and calm
 scuba blue: paradise, vibrant, exotic, and playful
 lucite green: retro, minty glow, and light in weight
 classic blue: endearing, creates background for other colors
 toasted almond: toes in the sand, natural feeling
strawberry ice: warm, appealing, charming, cooling down ambience
custard: cheery, comfort food, pleasant, and delectable
tangerine: spontaneous, gregarious, sunny, and brings a good feeling
marsala: strength, stability, earthiness, and feeds the mind/body/soul
glacier gray: cooling, contrasts, enhances, and unobtrusive
Black, white, and olive green are also part of the palette.

Images: Popsugar


FREE BIRD STYLE is a trendy boutique for ladies who are searching for unique clothing and accessories to add to their stylish wardrobe.  The prices are very reasonable and the service you'll receive will be outstanding and personalized to your need. Your shopping experience promises to be a lot of fun.  Christy the owner, is my college classmate and friend of many years.  This shop is located in Muskego, near Milwaukee Wisconsin. 

At this time an online store is not available, but is coming soon.  Most styles can be viewed and phone ordered as shown on Free Bird or on Facebook.


I grew up in Canada and never really knew the significance of Novemeber 11th as a young person.  In my country this day is also celebrated to honor those who have served.  However, it is called Remembrance Day instead of Veteran's Day.

The importance of this day didn't become evident until I moved to the United States and started living in a military community.  I have watched the daily sacrifices of service members and their families.

The great benefits and freedoms we enjoy in this country are because many men and women valued their country's welfare more than their own.  I am truly grateful to be living in the land of the free and home of the brave.  I honor the valor and courage it takes for one to serve their country.  Let us never forget the price that has been paid for each one of us.

There are many ways we can show thankfulness and support on this day:

1) Give back to the community by volunteering for a local non profit agency
2) Send a note of thanks, email, or care package
3) Observe a minute of silence at 11 am
4) Place flowers on the final resting place of a soldier

and lastly wear your fashion in red, white , and blue!

Scarf: Wetseal
Jacket: Rue 21
Tank: Old Navy
Boots: Macy's


Do you go shopping for jeans and sometimes want to pull your hair out from frustration? I'm sure you've heard the saying "If momma's not happy, nobody is happy!"  I feel that way about jeans.  If my derriere is not feeling comfy in them, the rest of my body is not happy . It just takes some time and effort to find the right pair and you will look fabulous!

Just as important as fit, is the style you choose.  My favorite styles to wear are boot cut/curvy and skinny. There are boyfriend jeans, jeggings, slim, cigarette, wide leg, and  the list goes on. When chosen right, jeans can make you look slimmer and sexier. However, an incorrect choice can give you a tasteless, and sloppy look.  The unending selection  allows every lady to sport an amazing pair of jeans and let her personality shine!  I've included a quick measuring guide from Nordstrom.com, to help get the perfect fit.

  I am wearing the brand I feel my absolute best in ... MISS ME, they fit like a glove  They are  more expensive then the average brand, but the comfort and quality is totally worth the price! You may have to eat macaroni and cheese for a week and go without some new outfits, but the splurge is worth it I promise!  MISS ME are available at Missme.com, Macy's, Nordstrom, Buckle, and other retailers as well.  Macys has a friends and family sale a few times a year, and you can pick them up at a great sale price.   True Religion and Lucky Brand also make a great pair of jeans, but both of these labels are very expensive.

There are also many store brands that look and feel great.  Zco is a lower priced brand offered at Macy's as well as Style and Co. 


Boots: Amazon
Vest: Maralyn & Me at Fred Meyer
Lace long sleeved top: Aeropostale
Photography: Collaborative shoot with John @ 40overfashion

How to Measure
How to Measure
Wearing only your underwear and standing with your feet together, use a tape measure to determine your measurements. It's important to check the size chart on the product page of each brand you are considering, as sizes and measurements can vary greatly.

Measure your jeans from the top of the waistband to the bottom of the crotch seam to find the rise. Consult the size chart on any brand product page to see where the rise will sit on your torso.
How to Measure
Low Rise
Waistband sits 2" or more below navel.
Mid Rise
Waistband sits just below navel.
High Rise
Waistband sits at or above navel.