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   Bella getting cuddles from my daughter Ashlin  Would you quit your primping and get my breakfast! This cat is personality plus with a little bit of sass(like her owner!)  Happy weekend beautiful people, hope you are doing great! Most of my posts have been fashion focused but I decided to venture out into some lifestyle themed posting. I am a huge cat lover, but not a crazy cat lady with 100 cats! I am OCD about animal hair, so keeping up with one pet is plenty. I with out a doubt,  inherited a love of cats from my daddy.  He was a painter and travelled for work, with his cat in tow!  I've always had a soft heart for all animals, except for the those nasty little bug creatures, snakes, and rodents! I know how much fur babies enrich life for us all! 1) They help beat the blues when you are down in the dumps!  A loyal companion, and unconditional love always awaits you. 2) Many people enjoy improved health benefits, such as lower blood pressure an


  Happy Monday lovelies! Today I wanted to share this fabulous bohemian top. I am not usually a fan of anything with floral prints, but I loved the flow and comfort of this kaftan.  I paired it with distressed boyfriend jeans, but really the possibilities are endless.  You could wear it with  a cute pencil skirt, a pair of jean shorts, or a dressier version of cropped pants. You can also change up your shoes for a different look as I have done here.  Add a chic spring bag, and you have a fabulous casual outfit!  It was amazing that I found this kaftan in my favorite accessory shop: Icing.  What is your favorite place to find unique outfit pieces?  I hope everyone is having a fabulous spring! Bohemian Kaftan:   Icing  | Jeans: Rue 21  |  Shoes(Mules)  Forever 21  | Shoes: Cork Heels | Bag: Zara| (Similar I purchased my bag in the store.) Photogrpahy by Ashlin Hansen  


Hello my friends , are you ready for the weekend? I am!  It  looks like the shopping bug has bit me again..imagine that!   I am taking my daughter and her best friend to Hawaii soon, to celebrate her high school graduation.  I went on a mission to find outfits for the trip.  I can't believe I found everything I was looking for...that never happens!!  How often do you go shopping and come home empty handed?   It seems when I have some loot to spend, I can't find a thing.  Of course when it's not in the budget to spend, it all comes calling my name!   If you have a vacation planned tropical or otherwise, I'd love to hear about it! What are your favorite go to pieces for your time away?  I was most excited about the romper with the Hawaiian print, both are very popular this year!  Thanks for visiting and I hope your shopping trips are a great success! SHOP THE LOOKS: ROMPER | CROCHET OPEN BACK TOP | MICHAEL KORS SANDALS | STRIPED CROP TOP |(Similar)| WHITE HIGH WAI


  Turning the big "50"   I was dreading this milestone birthday just a little bit.  I am happy to report my teeth and hair didn't all fall out, and I'm still very much alive and kicking!! The worst of it was... receiving an application from my friends at AARP to sign up!  I am thankful for the gift of life, amazing family and friends, and for all you wonderful people who read and support my blog! Staying Fit:   Keeping in shape at middle age is definitely an up hill struggle and takes a LOT of hard work.  Of course gravity takes its toll in all kinds of ways :) but exercising regularly helps greatly! With a busy  schedule it's hard for us to squeeze in time, but a few minutes here and there can make a huge difference.  I walk at the park 3 times a week for 1 hr, and do resistance training at the gym 4 times a week.  A new chain, "Fitness Evolution" is very inexpensive to join, it costs $9.99 a month and a small yearly maintenance fee. I l


Yay the weekend is almost here, hope everyone is doing well!   Recently I joined a group on Facebook called "Grow your Blog".  The blogging community is amazing and so supportive of each other!  I have connected with bloggers of every kind from all every place you can much fun!  I've been wanting to meet other fashion bloggers in person, and this week, it came to pass!  I connected with Fernanda just last week before coming to Calgary Canada to visit my mother.  I was so stoked to find out she was close to where I was visiting! We met up, had coffee, and had a great time discussing our obsession with fashion!  Her husband was so gracious to take some pics for us!  If you are a blogger, joining " Grow Your Blog " is a fabulous platform for more exposure and growing your social network!  Thank you Fernanda for the great meet up!  Check out her fabulous blog at NandaReis .