Friday, June 5, 2015

How to Dress LIke a Hawaiian Girl

How to Dress LIke a Hawaiian Girl - Read more ยป
Photo Credits: Ruth  Faustino Aloha and happy Friday! Just a few more days of teaching left, and I will be off to bask in the Hawaiian sun!  This cute strappy sundress from Victoria Secret has me in the Aloha spirit for sure! It's super comfortable, and would be great to travel in.  This lovely little dress can easily be dressed up or down, by your choice of accessories.  Tropical prints are huge this spring and summer,  I am so loving this trend!  I especially love vintage Hawaiian prints. Hawaiian fashion first became popular in the thirties decade.  Many vacationers returned home with brightly hued prints.  After WW2 the trend spread as GI's came home in tropical clothing from being stationed in the Pacific. I recently read that every Friday in Hawaii is Aloha Friday. It's a day when everyone wears their favorite Hawaiian dress or  shirt, making downtown Honolulu  a sea of tropical wear!  I am looking forward to checking out all the vibrant