Monday, September 14, 2015

1970's Fashion: My Favorite Outfit Picks

 1970's Fashion: My Favorite Outfit Picks - Read more »
 Peace, I hope it's a groovy Monday morning! It is really starting to feel like fall here in the Northwest.  I am never totally ready to give up summer, but I do love dressing in fall clothes. Seasons changing is another great excuse to shop til you drop!  I am so excited: The 1970's are here again!  Fashion's full on decade is back with flares, platforms, fringe, suede, and more is more prints.  If you grew up in this era  like I did, you'll have fun reliving it with your favorite styles. There are masses of retro pieces flooding  retail shelves right now. PHOTOGRAPHY: Ruth Faustino For a more casual twist on this outfit, pull out the boyfriends jeans. Yee haw now you are ready for horse riding! To dress this look up for a fun night out, add a pair of flared dark wash jeans.  I had a hard time finding some flares I liked, but I finally did at Macy's. The 70's bring to mind many style icons that had a great impact on me.  A few of my
Monday, September 7, 2015

The Natural Side of Puget Sound: Port Gamble

The Natural Side of Puget Sound: Port Gamble  - Read more »
Happy Labor Day Weekend!  It's hard to believe summer will be over in just a few weeks.  I was fortunate to travel this summer to Hawaii , Canada, and to a few beautiful spots locally.  One of my favorite places on the Kitsap Peninsula is the picturesque town of Port Gamble. I took my daughter there before she left for college to study fashion.  I am  excited to see where her talents will take her! This old mill town is filled with cute little shops, cafes, and a historic theater. Most of the shops are located in Victorian style homes. One  of the main attractions of this town is its superb wedding venue that boasts a  breathtaking view of the Hood Canal.  If you are a fan of ice cream, head over to the general store. This place was a hit with me, because they carry my favorite ice cream flavor: black licorice!  I grew up in Canada, and Dairy Queen always made the yummiest  black licorice milkshakes.  I rarely find this flavor available in the area. For a