The Perfect Necklace For Your Fall Outfits



Complimentary Service/Product: I received an accessory of my choice, in exchange for a review.

Hi and happy Monday to you! I hope you had a great weekend of fun enjoying fall activities.
 I 'm excited to share with you this fine jewelry and accessory boutique located here in the Seattle Area.  What girl doesn't love unique jewelry to add those finishing touches to the perfect outfit!?! I love the story behind this distinctive shop.

 The Favery boutique was started by two lovely ladies who have been best friends for years. They both shared a love for unique accessories and decided to pursue their passion.  Their boutique is a space where hard to find jewelry and designers converge. Although most of their products are offered online, they do offer the option of personal styling through "In-Home" trunk shows.

I chose this beautiful statement necklace designed by David Aubry. It features dyed black turquoise beads and dyed green turquoise and glass crystal cabochons. The claw and clasp are made of 14k gold.  This piece is absolutely stunning, and is easily styled with a casual or formal outfit.   

   Taking a break to smell the flowers it always good... it.gets you recharged for more shopping...of course!

I am so loving my necklace! I put on my bling and headed to Bellevue Fashion Week runway show.  I  received many compliments on this beautiful piece of jewelry.  Favery offers commitment to great quality and craftsmanship. You won't be disappointed!

 My experience with the Favery was fantastic! They have offered  a coupon code to my readers. If you want to order from Favery , use code : MLFAN.   How do you like to accessorize your outfits? Are you a handbag/shoe girl, or do you focus more on jewelry?

      Valerie :)

Fashion First: What's Hot on the Seattle Runway

This past Friday was an exciting night at the Sodo district of Seattle. It was my first time to attend fashionFIRST.  It was an auction and fashion show to benefit for the "Inspire Youth Project", and "Cresent Moon Foundation." These are both wonderful organizations that support children and youth in the local area.  As an educator, it was thrilling to see the huge effort made on behalf of less fortunate children.

Inspire youth provides social and emotional links to At Risk Youth  and children. Crescent Moon was established by Hall of Famer Warren Moon, it enables educational pursuits for needy children who have shown a commitment to their community.   Over 100,000 dollars was raised for both of these worthy causes.

Photo: Jami Davis
Outfit: Annette Dresser

 The show was just fabulous and everything I saw on the runway was just exquisite!  Fall fashion this year has such a wide range of offerings, catering to just about every eclectic taste.  It was refreshing to see an abundance of men's fashion at this event.  Dark minimalism was the recurring theme with most of the pieces.

Photo: Jami Davis   
Outfit: Intermix

Several local boutiques were represented such as: Ragamoffyn'sCanopy Blue, and David Lawrence, and LA REE.  Other clothiers showcasing festive fall fashion were , Intermix, The Brik, Elizabeth Jane, Elizabeth Roberts and AIS.

This black and green combo on this wool coat was fantastic, perfect for fall and winter days in the northwest.

 This outfit was my absolute favorite of the night. The leather jacket with the front fur accents was so classy and chic.  The felt cap added the perfect finishing touch to the outfit. I just love this hat trend and hope its stays around awhile!

Photo: Jami Davis
Outfits: Canopy Blue

These beautiful plaid wool capes were also favorites of mine

Photo: Jami Davis

Photo: Jami Davis

   The show concluded with A twelfth man parade of pieces  presented by designers from the Art Institute of Seattle.  What a fun and whimsical collection representing our beloved Seahawks!

A highlight of the night was meeting other bloggers who are lighting up the fashion scene in the emerald city. This lovely gal blogs at Seattlesylista, she has a very successful blog and you will love her style! It was cool to find out she is in University where my daughter is also attending.

This month is where major fashion weeks are happening all over the globe. What trends this fall are resonating with you?  Well lovely people, it is time to start another week, I hope it's a great one!

Why I love Bellevue Fashion Week

SEPT 23-27th, 2015

Happy Friday!   I have been buried all week in the posts from NYFW and loving all the amazing styles I'm seeing on the runways for fall.  I could not make it to New York, but am so excited that Bellevue Fashion Week is almost in my backyard!  Last year was my first time to go and I could not wait for it to come around again! 

.            Image: Bellevue Fashion Week via Rachel Zoe on Twitter

 This year is the 10th Anniversary celebration of the Bellevue Collection hosting the show. BFW is the Northwest's leading runway show.  The show promises an exciting experience with four days of packed full fashion feasting!  The highlight of this years fashion week will be the Posh Party Trend Show, hosted by fashion celebrity Rachel Zoe.  She is  a stylist to the stars, has a show on Bravo, and is a designer of  her own line.

Image: Bellevue Fashion Week

The Posh Party event is one you won't want to miss. There will be interactive beauty stations to view and try out the latest trends. How fun does that sound!?!  Admission to the party, also includes an evening runway show showcasing the hottest styles this fall. 

FRF Echanted Eve 2
Image: Bellevue Fashion Week

On Saturday at 1:30 p.m Rachel,along with Vogue Sylist Cara Crowley, will host the Fashion Forecast event. This will take place in Bellevue Square's center court. This is a free event, so be sure to arrive early to get front row seating.  I absolutely loved the mall event last year!  It was a very fun interactive experience, and I learned a lot. Getting my picture taken with Cara and Celebrity stylist  Lawrence Zarian was also a highlight of my day there!

While you are at the mall be sure to check out all the amazing window displays put together just for fashion week.  Do so at your own risk, ha ha! I had a very hard time controlling my urges, I wanted it all! If you are in the area, I do hope you can make it.  Have you attended fashion weeks in other cities? If so, be sure to share your experience in the comments! 

Thanks for stopping by and see you here again soon!

                                                                  xo  Valerie

1970's Fashion: My Favorite Outfit Picks

 Peace, I hope it's a groovy Monday morning! It is really starting to feel like fall here in the Northwest.  I am never totally ready to give up summer, but I do love dressing in fall clothes. Seasons changing is another great excuse to shop til you drop!

 I am so excited: The 1970's are here again!  Fashion's full on decade is back with flares, platforms, fringe, suede, and more is more prints.  If you grew up in this era  like I did, you'll have fun reliving it with your favorite styles. There are masses of retro pieces flooding  retail shelves right now.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Ruth Faustino

For a more casual twist on this outfit, pull out the boyfriends jeans. Yee haw now you are ready for horse riding! To dress this look up for a fun night out, add a pair of flared dark wash jeans.  I had a hard time finding some flares I liked, but I finally did at Macy's.

The 70's bring to mind many style icons that had a great impact on me.  A few of my favorites were Cher, and The Osmonds. Who was your favorite of this decade?

Have a fantastic week!

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Faded Spring: Blogger Spotlight

As I've mentioned before, the best part of blogging is connecting with all these way cool peeps from all over the world!  I am excited to share another blogger friend with you. I and her were paired up as blogging buddies from a face book blog group. It's great to encourage each other on this journey.

Meet Ana De Jesus of Faded Spring- I know you will enjoy her amazing style, gorgeous outfits, and insights about the fashion industry.

My name is Ana De-Jesus and I am a fashion blogger, freelance journalist and English and Education graduate. I am 21, a Libra and passionate about promoting social justice. From a young age paper became the canvas through which I could express myself and the pen was the key to unlocking my success. Writing has allowed me to be more confident and provide a voice for those who remain unheard. I am of Portuguese descent and like to dance, sing, act, write, read and of course shop!

1) What is your blog about?

My blog is a platform through which the voiceless are heard and discusses social issues such as bullying, capitalism and abuse through the eyes of fashion. A niche platform I use photoshoots to highlight real issues that are affecting our society and use my role as social justice advocate to fight for the preservation of basic human rights. I combine my love of fashion with personal experiences and poetry/ prose to create a world bordering on fantasy to show the complexity of the human mind.

2) What is your favorite part of blogging?

Meeting a group of like-minded bloggers who have the passion and motivation to succeed. As a community of bloggers we must support each other until the very end.  Of course the freebies and events are fun too but it is mainly how welcome I am made to feel by the other bloggers. I think it is so lovely that we can all share the same experience and support each other through the highs and lows of our career.

3) Why did you start a blog?

As a child I was abused, bullied and teased all my life and as a result had zero self confidence. Even to this day I struggle to see the beauty that others see in me, it is so difficult to look beyond my flaws. I started the blog for two reasons: to create a social platform that celebrated difference and to show that fashion is not as materialistic as some might think. In a sense we are buying into capitalism but it is a way of supporting the economy and clothing can be symbolic too. For me fashion saved me from a life of depravity and it showed me that no matter what never give up and keep fighting for what you believe in.

4)  Where is your favorite place to vacation?

I have always wanted to travel the world but due to complications with my passport during my teenage years I have only been to two countries : Madeira ( where my parents are from) and Sweden. I have always wanted to travel to Egypt because I am fascinated by Ancient Egyptian History- in particular Nefertari, Nefertiti and King Ramesses II- and have always wanted to visit the monuments. 

5)  What is your long term goals for your blog?

I am highly determined to prove all those who said that I am a nobody wrong. I am a woman with a goal to set free the victims of institutional abuse and other social or prejudicial issues. Without bullies and villains we can be free to preserve our unique identities without fear of backlash.  As a blogger we have a responsibility to educate our readers and that is my goal to spread love among my fellow bloggers. As a feminist I want to challenge social perceptions of femininity and show that we should not be defined by the way we dress but let it enhance rather than detract from our identity. I would also like to travel extensively it has been a big dream of mine for many years but due to health reasons it has not happened yet. 

6)   What is a fun fact about yourself you'd like to share?

I have over 1,000 books so I could open a small library if I wanted to. I have always loved reading and from a young age it allowed me to communicate in a way that I could not in person. 

Thanks for stopping by, until next time...

                                                       xoxo Valerie

The Natural Side of Puget Sound: Port Gamble

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

 It's hard to believe summer will be over in just a few weeks.  I was fortunate to travel this summer to Hawaii , Canada, and to a few beautiful spots locally.  One of my favorite places on the Kitsap Peninsula is the picturesque town of Port Gamble. I took my daughter there before she left for college to study fashion.  I am  excited to see where her talents will take her!

This old mill town is filled with cute little shops, cafes, and a historic theater. Most of the shops are located in Victorian style homes. One  of the main attractions of this town is its superb wedding venue that boasts a  breathtaking view of the Hood Canal. 

If you are a fan of ice cream, head over to the general store. This place was a hit with me, because they carry my favorite ice cream flavor: black licorice!  I grew up in Canada, and Dairy Queen always made the yummiest  black licorice milkshakes.  I rarely find this flavor available in the area.

For all the outdoor lovers, recreational activities abound in Port Gamble. The Olympic Outdoor Center offers kayak and bike rentals and there is a boat launch at the old mill site.   The Olympic Peninsula offers a variety of scenic hikes.

Where have your travels taken you this weekend? I hope it has been a great weekend of rest!