Monday, November 23, 2015

Cecy & Blake: Unique Designer Handbags

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Happy Monday to All!   It's Thanksgiving week here in the U.S.  I am thankful for the many blessings in life and that includes freedom of speech: the opportunity to write and say your opinions on a blog!  Thanks to all of you for coming here week after week and listening to me blab! A few weeks back I did a collaboration photo shoot with Cecy & Blake, a new handbag designer here in the Seattle area. I had a wonderful time and enjoyed meeting them.  This gorgeous hand painted collection just launched on kickstarter for a 33 day campaign, and it's exciting to help spread the word! The designers's artistic talent is evident on every handbag.  I love it that each bag is original. Who doesn't love to show off your latest style that no one else has!?!  These bags pair great with your casual wear or a dressy outfit.  They make the perfect holiday gift! Photography: DenMar Studio The main qualities of these beautiful bags are: Made from
Monday, November 16, 2015

Las Vegas: The Ultimate Style Guide

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*This post is in collaboration with All opinions are my own VIVA LAS VEGAS! Swimming pools, shopping, dancing ,what's your dream?! Las Vegas has it all .   It is a fun place to relax, unwind  and show off your great style. I was invited to a style challenge by the site   to create a collection of outfits.  This is my take on how a gal can transition from day to night and be effortlessly chic.
Monday, November 9, 2015

How to Style Faux Fur

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Hello Lovely People, How was your weekend? Maybe you spent it shopping for the upcoming holidays, I did get a few gifts bought.   Here in the northwest the colder weather has settled in, so it is starting to feel more like fall for sure.   As much as I LOVE warm weather, it's nice to  pull out the furry, warm fuzzy pieces to liven up your wardrobe for the long days of fall and winter. Faux fur is always a great choice, and pairs well with casual or dressy outfits.    Layered on top of a long sleeved knit top and your favorite leggings, a fur vest can add a lot of glam to your otherwise simple outfit.  Some gals don't want to go all out with a fur coat, so a vest is a fabulous way to make style statement as well. What I love about faux fur the most, is it makes you feel just a bit glamorous, girly, and admired.  Whenever I see a lovely lady in fur, it always catches my eye!  Seeing it takes me back in time to the fashion  eras of th