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Interview with Fashion Illustrator: Dominic Gomez

Fashion Illustration Good morning friends, I am excited to share this interview with you! Dominic is a very talented artist and fashion illustrator.  He volunteers much of his time to advancing the fashion industry here in Seattle.  I  met him at Seattle Fashion Week last year, and have become a huge fan of his work.  He is on the board of directors for this amazing fashion extravaganza, and does a great job marketing the show.  I am really excited for this year's event. It's coming up March 10-12: if you are in the area- get your tickets now, they go fast! Now grab your coffee, sit back and learn about a day in the life of a fashion illustrator!

How To Style A Plaid Shirt

Favorite Northwest Trend Plaid is the go to fall and winter staple, why did it take me so long to wear it?!? It's showing up in street style everywhere. Alright confession's my first time to own a plaid shirt! It has never been a print that I was drawn to. I did finally cave and buy one. Now my status as a Seattlelite has been solidified!

How to Achieve Figure Flattering Style

Happy Monday lovelies!  Feeling comfortable and wearing what makes look and feel your best, is not always an easy feat to accomplish.  I know I have struggled with this a lot, and am constantly working to achieve figure flattery. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter if you are tall, short, thin, or curvy. What matters the most is that you feel confident and attractive in what you are wearing.  Rather than getting hung up on your insecurities or parts you think are not flattering, play to your strengths!  Embrace your own beauty and shape, regardless of your size.  TIPS FOR ACHIEVING FIGURE FLATTERY If you are tall you can get away with a plunging neckline and long gowns or coats. Cropped pants may not be a good option, they may appear to have shrunk. Opt for leggings, skinny jeans, or cigarette styles which are usually longer in length.  Also don't feel like you have to always wear flats.  A tall woman who isn't afraid to show off her height, is very attract

The Seattle Meowtropolitan: Cats and a Cuppa Jo

Photography: Valerie Hansen Catpuccino anyone?  If you are a lover of coffee and cats, then  "Meowtropolitan"  cafe is a must see destination! The Wallingford area of Seattle is home to this new coffee shop and cattery. Cat cafes are quite popular in Europe, and are starting to gain popularity here in the states. I've loved cats all my life. I think I was born with the cat lover gene, if there is such a thing! My fondest childhood memory of my dad, was him carting his cat along with him everywhere he went. When I heard the Meowtropolitan was coming to town, I knew I had to get there asap!