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Top 5 Things to do in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

Happy 4th Of July weekend! What better way to celebrate than on the Lake! This past week I had some great adventures on the lakes in Wisconsin. It was my first time to visit this state,I had a great  time with my friend Christy.  I had no idea about all the beautiful lakes surrounding the Milwaukee area.  Wisconsin really is a fabulous summer playground! Today I want to invite you to take a tour through Lake Geneva. Spring fed and crystal clear, Geneva Lake is gorgeous in any season. This beautiful  town has plenty of options for fun, both on or in the water. It did not take me long to fall in love with this spot. As I walked along the edge of the lake, the sparkling water, and the slightly cool breezes sent me into a total sense of relaxation . Although Lake Geneva offers fun activities for fall and winter, it is best to take advantage of this little paradise in the summer months. Wisconsin temperatures in winter take a deep plunge to the frozen zone.  The options for activi