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What to Wear for a Spring Day Trip

Day trips are so much fun, especially when spring arrives in the Northwest. I love them so much!  Traveling away from your local area for a day can feel like a short vacation.  The state of WA and the Seattle area, offer wonderful choices for one day excursions. If you missed my last post about stay-cations in the area, check it out here . Shop the Look When planning a day out, it's fun to match your outfit to the location you are visiting. Recently I went on a  day trip to go shopping and see a movie. The goal is always comfort, along with being stylish.  In the past, I would never wear boots past the month of March. Now you can see boots with outfits all year long. Booties worn with shorter skirts or shorts add an extra layer of chic. Accessories are the glue that hold your look together.   A chance of April showers shouldn't bring down a good outfit! This season indulge in transparent, rain ready fashion: handbags, boots and clothin

Plan the Ultimate Spring Staycation Around Seattle

Happy April! Hopefully you were able to get away for Spring Break or even a weekend. If you can't get away for awhile, a staycation is a good idea to take advantage of now.  It is a fun way to experience an escape from the daily grind on a budget. Since I live near the Emerald City, I thought I would share some ideas for a staycation around  Seattle.  If you are not close by, maybe this will inspire you to explore your own area more.  Here are some low cost, stay-cation ideas  around the Seattle area :