Banff Upper Hot Springs: A First Time Visitor's Guide

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Hello Friends,

I'm excited to share a series about the Canadian Rockies and the surrounding area. I was born a few hours east of Banff, and will always be proud of my beautiful country. I love the opportunity to share tips for visiting amazing destinations in Canada.

History of Upper Hot Springs

The lower slopes of the springs at Sulphur Mountain is where 3 railway workers stumbled across the springs in 1883. A total of nine sulphurous hot springs were found. Not long after, a business operation was started and people began flocking to the hot springs. The soothing and healing properties of the mineral rich springs are still attracting visitors and locals today.

The temperature of the water outlet fluctuates with the seasons. In the winter the springs can be up to 116 degrees. Surprisingly, the water cooler in the spring- 81 degrees. During the colder months, the natural volume of the springs is lower.  To compensate,  municipal water is tapped in to top off the pool

Banff, Upperhotsprings, Alberta, Canada, Explore Canada

Why you should Go

Visiting the hot springs, is definitely a magical experience. I was born 4 hours east of Banff and never visited until a few years ago. I can't believe I waited so long!  Now every time we drive up to Calgary, this stop is a must.

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