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The Ultimate Travel Collection for Style and Comfort

*This post is in collaboration with Soft Surroundings. I received complimentary clothing in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.  Photography : Jennifer @ Hello Rigby I have no trouble finding stylish outfits to travel in, but are they comfortable is the question?!  If you are facing this dilemma when shopping, you are not alone.  I recently took a long haul flight to Europe, and have to admit I was not very comfortable in my fashionable clothes ha ha! I have the answer!  I'm excited to share with you:

Best of Maple Leopard's Travels 2019 & Top Destinations to Visit Now

This past year was one of the best travel years I've ever had. I finally made a trip abroad and jetted across the big pond to Europe.  In 2019 I set a record for the number of trips I did in a year's time. I thought I would write a post to recap my adventures and share a few tips for each destination I visited.