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Waikiki Beach: The Ultimate Girl's Trip Guide

*This post contains affiliate links; if you click or purchase: I may receive a small commission without additional cost to you I'm taking you back to the islands again. Since we can only travel there virtually for now; I'm sharing this guide to plan your trip for future reference. If you do take the risk of traveling to Hawaii now, be prepared to be in quarantine for a longer time than here on the mainland.

The Ultimate Stylish Collection for Travel

Chico's Traveler's Collection  Why you should shop this look for your next getaway Is anyone else feeling travel deprived? I'm hoping the new normal doesn't stop us from visiting places we love. I hope everyone is staying positive and staying busy as possible at home. Travel is off for now, but we can still shop for our next trip. ULTIMATE COMFORT Have you ever jumped on a plane and been totally uncomfortable in your outfit ? I have many times. Problem solved, enter  Chico's Traveler's Collection .  Every piece in the collection, including this dress is designed for comfort when traveling. 

How to Pack Stylish for Waikiki Beach

*This post contains Affiliate Links . If you click or purchase I may receive a small commission.  Photography: Copyright Valerie Hansen Waikiki Beach here we come! Your ticket is bought and you are ready to jet off to paradise! Buying the ticket is the easy part, but the packing list- maybe not so much. Let's go travel virtually to the island of Oahu, since none of us can actually jet away right now.  I thought I'd share a packing list of essentials and stylish outfits. This should be helpful when you are able to make the trip to Hawaii.  Choosing the right wardrobe pieces for comfort will help with dealing with the intense heat.