Wednesday, December 17, 2014


 Published 12/23 & 12/24: Seattle Fashion Daily

Isn't it a given that coats play a major part in fall and winter collections? Well, this year coats have
gone far beyond the role of being a staple piece, and have moved fashion more towards being a
"statement piece".  Coats have been big news on all the catwalks, and have become a central focus of the wardrobe.  They are helping pave the way to a more laid back approach to styling.

Outerwear inspiration comes not just from fashion icons, but also from decade influence.  The 60's decade is alive and well, and is one of my favorites to reinvent style from.  For daytime outerwear, swing coats and fake furs were popular for young women.  Fashions in the early years of the decade reflected the elegance of the first lady Jacqueline Kennedy, and who doesn't adore her style?!?

This fun swing coat can be sewn from a basic flare coat pattern. I added a pleat in the back and a peter pan collar.  The quilted bubble fabric was purchased at Jo Anne's.  I'm  sad to say I don't have this exact pattern anymore: My clear out clutter mode was in over drive.  I am regretting getting rid of it!  I have been dubbed  "The Throw Away Queen."

I hope this post took you back in time with a smile, and added some inspiration to your day.  Merry Christmas , enjoy this magical season with your loved ones and I hope you get mass spoiling from Santa!  Thanks for taking time to visit. I will be back with lots more in the new year.  I plan to do some giveaways , start a you tube channel,  and make more connections with other bloggers.


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  1. Your coat is just amazing! love it <3 Happy holidays :)

  2. Thank you Lara!!

    Happy Holidays to you! Can't wait to meet you!

  3. Cute! I like the retro coat. We kinda skipped winter mostly here in utah this year. Only a few snowstorms and I missed it! I have more coats than we had snowstorms haha

  4. Thanks Broolyn! Same in Seattle winter passed us by ..thank God! We had two falls....ha ha. I'm not complaining~!

    Thanks for coming by!

  5. Love it! Retro is always classy. I love to wear 60's bohemian. I wasn't even born for 20 years after that, but whatever, it's made for me.