Friday, June 2, 2017

Voodoo In Portland OR: The Weirdest Doughnut Shop Ever

Voodoo in portland the weirdest Doughnut shop ever

Happy National Doughnt Day!

A few weeks ago, I made another visit to Voodoo-  a very interesting doughnut shop in Portland. It's probably one of the weirdest places I've ever eaten at!  A fun and eclectic atmosphere awaits you at  Voodoo Donuts.

The raised rings come in shapes you never dreamed of . Ha ha you'll just have to visit and  see for yourself! Voodoo is leading the deep fried revolution with flavors such as bacon maple and Portland Cream.

Voodoo: The Weirdest Donut Shop in Portland

The Voodoo chain originated in Portland , and has 3 locations to serve you. One is downtown, and  this eat in store is located on NE Sandy Blvd. The third is a food truck in Cartlandia. If you visit the downtown shop, be prepared to stand in a mile long line,  and eat outside at the picnic tables.

VooDoo IN Portland the weirdest donut shop ever

Pink walls, creatures from who knows where, and stained glass are all part of the Voodoo experience.  The first time I visited, there was actually a black wooden coffin prop. Dracula must have vacated, it's no longer there!

All the locations offer over 50 different flavors of donuts, and unique types can be made upon special request.   If you are a doughnut eater with allergies or want to stay on a vegan diet, they have options for you too!  It looks like they have a small fleet of trucks, so I am guessing they can be catered or delivered.

Voodoo Donuts the weirdest doughnut shop ever

Oh YEAH, this says it all! This sign is located right across the street from the downtown shop. 

VooDoo Doughnuts in Portland

The weirdest donut shop in Portland

Voodoo in Portland the weirdest donut shop ever

voodoo in portland OR the weirdest doughnut shop ever

voodoo in Portland the weirdest donut shop ever

Voo Doo IN portland the weirdest donut shop ever

The Voodoo Story:

Two best friends from Portland started the business. They knew they needed just the right niche to fit the very different business atmosphere of the city.  The boys set up shop in Old Town, neither knew anything about donuts.

To learn the business, they headed south to Los Angeles.  After spending some time there, they were able to convince the doughnut masters to share all their secrets.  Voodoo has a cult following, and it is talked about worldwide.  There are more locations to visit in other cities: Eugene OR, Denver CO, Hollywood CA , and Austin TX.

Alright here's hoping you have a wonderful day scarfing down a yummy doughnut. I do hope you make a visit to Voodoo soon!  Have a great  weekend!

Which flavor of doughnuts are your favorite? I love maple bars!

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  1. This looks super funky! And the donughts look delicious. I didnt know national donought day was even a thing!

    1. Ha I didnt either until a few years ago, this is def a great place to celebrate it1

  2. Yay for donut day! All of their doughnuts look so much fun!

  3. I love this post Valerie! So fun and now I really want to go visit that shop! Have a great weekend! Peace!
    Cheryl Tucker

    1. thank you Cheryl..its quite the place..ha ha , I hope you get a visit there soon@

  4. Ok, that donut shop looks so awesome! I love the donuts with all of the weird toppings on them. My favorite "weird" donut is a maple glazed one with bacon, SOOO good.

    1. Thank you Breanna, it's a fun stop for sure...I love maple bacon!