What to Wear for a Spring Day Trip

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Day trips are so much fun, especially when spring arrives in the Northwest. I love them so much!  Traveling away from your local area for a day can feel like a short vacation.  The state of WA and the Seattle area, offer wonderful choices for one day excursions. If you missed my last post about stay-cations in the area, check it out here.

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When planning a day out, it's fun to match your outfit with the vibe in the area. Recently I went on a  day trip to go shopping and see a movie. The goal is always comfort, along with being stylish.

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It's fun to change up your look just by switching out your footwear. In the past, I would never wear boots past the month of March. Now you can see boots with outfits all year long. Booties worn with shorter skirts or shorts add an extra layer of chic.

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Accessories are the glue that hold your look together.   A chance of April showers shouldn't bring down a good outfit! This season indulge in transparent, rain ready fashion: handbags, boots and clothing are here to take on the spring showers.

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If you are into following trends at all: blush pink, suede and logo tees are popular for all ages.  This trendy outfit is perfect for a day out. Logo t-shirts are so fun to style. They pair well with any length of skirt, shorts or cropped pants.  This pink suede skirt is scalloped on the bottom, which adds a touch of class to the outfit.  Finish your look off with a jean jacket, or even a windbreaker.

Where is your favorite day trip spot ?

I'm keeping this short today. I'm still dealing with a shoulder problem, and am trying to rest it when I can. As always thanks for following along on the journey, and I hope you discover new daytrips to do this spring.

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Plan the Ultimate Spring Staycation Around Seattle

Happy April!

Hopefully you were able to get away for Spring Break or even a weekend. If you can't get away for awhile, a staycation is a good idea to take advantage of now.  It is a fun way to experience an escape from the daily grind on a budget.

Since I live near the Emerald City, I thought I would share some ideas for a staycation around  Seattle.  If you are not close by, maybe this will inspire you to explore your own area more.  Here are some low cost, stay-cation ideas  around the Seattle area :

3 Must See Sights in Gastown: + A Style Guide

 * This photo shoot was in collaboration with Vancouver Photographer  Marilaine Delisle

Gastown, is a unique and historic part of my hometown Vancouver, Canada. On this trip home, I collaborated with a local photographer to capture unique views of  Gastown. Working with Marilaine was such a delight!  If you are visiting Vancouver and need photos, do check out her work. Her photography talent is amazing! 

Capilano Suspension Bridge Park : 7 Unforgettable Experiences

* This post was in collaboration with Capilano Suspension Bridge Park. I received  complimentary tickets into the park, in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Capilano Suspension Bridge, Vancouver BC, Where To explore nature in BC

Rossario George: The Ultimate Resort Wear Collection

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*This post was sponsored by Rossario George Fashion House. As always, all opinions are my own.

I am anxiously waiting the arrival of spring, as I am sure you are too! Spring brings new life and refreshing of the mind. It is also the time when we start planning summer getaways and our vacation outfits.

Silverdale, WA: Celebrate Spring on the Clear Creek Trail

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*Thanks to Visit Kitsap Peninsula for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.

Happy March!

 Spring is in the air, finally! If you want to escape the burbs head to Silverdale. This lovely town is centrally located on the Kitsap Peninsula. It's just 30 minutes by WA state ferry from Seattle, and a 40 minute drive west of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge.

I've explored the area from top to bottom and side to side! There is a lot of nature to explore and endless trails for walking. Oh, and I can't forget to mention: You'll  love the breathtaking views of the snow capped Olympics and Sinclair Inlet.

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Clear Creek Trail is a big hit with  visitors and residents of the Kitsap Peninsula. It's crazy, I've lived in the west sound for years and have walked this trail just a few times.  The best way to celebrate spring, is to get out and enjoy all nature has to offer. Here are some tips for visiting and facts that may interest you:


I was just a little excited for some sun and decided to hit the trail again. Most of the time the parking here is a big pain. There is a good sized lot at the head of the trail but it's always overflowing. Parking is available on the side of the road. I do recommend arriving early in the day. In spring and summer the trail is always packed, of course. It may be a good idea to wake up with the chickens and start trekking!  

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As you might already know, the weather in Western Washington can be just down right crazy! There can be wind and rain one minute, and sunny and calm the next. The Kitsap Peninsula is no exception to the rule. A good pair of waterproof tennis shoes, layers you can peel off, and a rainproof jacket will serve you well.

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Clear Creek trail is not heavily wooded.  It's quite the opposite.  However, there could be creatures lurking in the trenches, so just beware! As we know, most wildlife will shy away from humans and only come out at night.  There isn't much to fear here, but bears and coyotes have been sighted. 

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Other fun creatures you may encounter are:

  • Raccoons
  • Deer
  • Fox
  • Muskrat
  • Mice
  • Rats
  • Birds
  • Salmon

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If you live nearby there are plenty of opportunities to volunteer.  Keeping scotch broom and blackberries from overtaking the place is a big problem. Trash clean up is always needed, and people to help out with the "Salmon in the classroom"  program.

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I'm an educator and am so happy how this program has benefited local schools. It's exciting to see kids get excited about the environment in which they live. Each year hundreds of students in Kitsap County are educated about the life cycle of the salmon.

The program was originally started by the Kiwanis Club but it got too big for them to handle. Now several agencies are involved to make sure this experience continues. Clean Water Kitsap, Kitsap Public Utilities, Kitsap Public Health District and the Suquamish Tribe help out with running the program each year.

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The eggs are hatched on site at each school and the life cycle is studied in the classroom. Later in the spring, field trips are planned to release the salmon into the creek. The fish run from late September through November. This time can vary. Most of the salmon wait until there is a lot of rainfall before entering the creek.

Types of salmon occupying the creek are Chum,Chinook and Coho.The environment at this creek makes it difficult for the salmon to survive. It's because of the runoff from some of the surrounding areas. Luckily, many of them do manage to survive and spawn.

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 As I mentioned, the trail does get quite soggy, so best time to visit is in the summer or spring.  Maybe it's dry enough to do a hike in your neck of the woods!  Have fun exploring where ever your travels take you.

 Where is your favorite place to hike, or explore nature?

Vancouver B.C: Outstanding Views from Stanley Park

Stanley Park, Prospect Point, Vancouver BC, Canada, Travel Photography

I just returned from a visit home, to Vancouver B.C. Every time I go back, I fall in love with the beautiful scenery all over again. This time I did not want to come back to Washington! Can you blame me, after feasting on this stunning view at Prospect Point?

How to Pack for a 3 Day Cruise

cruise, norwegiancruiseline, packing, hacks, PacificNorthwest
Going a cruise is super exciting, but also can be frustrating if you aren't prepared with the right wardrobe. As I mentioned in a previous post , I will be going on a Norwegian cruise press trip! The ship is sailing to Victoria, not far from my hometown of Vancouver B.C.

February News and Exciting Blog Announcement

Press Trip on the Norwegian Bliss

Happy Wednesday, I hope your February is off to a great start!

Today is the day, I'm sharing the details of my upcoming press trip! Yes it's a cruise, as you can see from the view above. I was so excited to receive an email a few weeks ago from Norwegian cruises!

City Style for Valentine's Day: Vintage Prints and Faux Fur

How to style an outfit for City Travel_mapleLeopard
Hello Lovelies:

I hope the New Year has been treating you well. This week, I am sharing this outfit I recently sewed. Scroll on down for all the details!

Silverdale WA: Tips for Walking Clear Creek Trail

A guide to exploring nature in Kitsap County

If you want to escape the burbs, or the busy life around Seattle- head to Silverdale! This lovely town  is centrally located on the Kitsap Peninsula. I've explored the area from top to bottom, and side to side, ha! There is a lot of nature to explore, and endless trails for walking and hiking. Oh and I can't forget to mention: You will love the breathtaking  views of the snowcapped Olympics, and Sinclair Inlet.

A Weekend In Bellevue WA: Where to Shop Stay and Eat

Bellevue WA: "Boomburb"

Today, I am sharing a weekend guide to my favorite city in the Seattle area. Bellevue is a beautiful city located east of Seattle, with sweeping views of Lake Washington and Lake Sammamish for a backdrop.

It doesn't get any better! It's no wonder the city's name is derived from a term that means " beautiful view". This vibrant and growing city, is high tech central and the core of retail for the eastside. As you probably know already- Expedia, T-Mobile, and Eddie Bauer, and many more companies are based out of Bellevue.

5 Ways to Stay Focused and Fearless in the New Year

an inspirational guide to stay focused in the new year

*This post contains affiliate links

Happy New Year Friends!

I hope you had an amazing holiday season, and that you are feeling inspired with all you want to accomplish this year! January is the month for optimists. It's time when everyone makes resolutions to become a better version of themselves. The headlines "A New Year,  A New You" are everywhere, and sometimes driving us nuts! 

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