Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Why You Should Fly Alaska Air Seattle To Calgary

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Happy Wednesday my traveling friends, I hope it's been a great week so far!  I just returned from a marvelous trip visiting my mother in Calgary Alberta. The Seattle to Calgary route is a top notch flight on Alaska. I've chosen this carrier many times over to fly this route. I'm sharing my experience and reasons to choose Alaska, should you  ever do this same trip!

Outstanding Comfort and Service

The flight from Seattle is a total of 1.5 hours, but ya still need some level of comfort for the flight right?!  The seat cushions are extra plush, and the cabin is always immaculate.  The flight attendants are fabulous at getting everyone served in less than an hour.

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Low Cost International Flight

If you want to find the best for your Seattle to Calgary Fligh, Alaska has you covered!  I've flown a few other airlines on the route, and they are always more expensive.  This last trip my ticket was just a little over 200.00. I don 't think you can even drive to Canada and back for that!

The price can vary, of course depending on the time of year. I have paid up to 350 for this trip. Most of the time you can find it on Alaska for under 250.00.  The key is to start searching fares 52 days out from time of departure. The experts say this is when the best deals are found for most destinations.

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 The Trifecta Affect-  It was amazing to capture 3 jets in 1!

Easy Customs Check In

One of the biggest headaches for travelers is clearing customs.  You always wonder if they are really going to let you in on the other end! Oh yes I've had some wild and not so fun experiences with customs officers, ha ha.  

When you arrive on an international flight the customs process can be long and tedious. Not so when you arrive in Calgary via Alaska Airlines. There are self serving kiosks to scan your passport, and print your declaration. The line to see the customs officer moves very quickly. You'll be done and on your way in 20 minutes or less.

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Fun Boarding Process

Alaska air's Seattle to Calgary flight is usually on a small puddle jumper plane.
I've never boarded for this flight by way of the gate. It's a fun experience being able to board your plane right on the tarmac. You can stop and do the royal wave at the top of the stairs before you get on, ha!

I've flown Alaska to several destinations in the US as well, and it is my airline of choice. I hope you can fly Seattle to Calgary soon! If you do, get your camera ready for a capture of beautiful Mt. Rainier. I got lucky this time to get a decent picture!

Have you been to Calgary Yet?

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Happy & Safe Travels,

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  1. I haven't had the opportunity to fly Alaska Airlines yet! I would love to. I've heard their Bloody Mary mix is awesome!

    1. HI Megan..they really offer the best quality for the price....I never had the bloody Mary, but their Mediterranean snack pack is to die for! I hope you can try them out soon!

  2. Sold - I’ll certainly fly this airline if ever I get the opportunity.

  3. You sound like you had a great experience with your flight, which is rare nowadays. I haven't been Calgary before, it looks beautiful.

    1. Yes you got it right...its rare to find quality have to visit Calgary and while you are there, make sure you see BANFF...SO INCREDIBLE!

  4. We went to Calgary last summer and loved every minute of it! I've only flown Alaska Airlines once but it was a great experience. - Julie from

    1. Awesome glad you made it to's an amazing place!

      Thanks Julie!

  5. I also loving flying with Alaska Air. They are hands down the best airline out there!

  6. I've flown Alaska Air to Seattle twice and loved them both times. They just do really good customer service. It's kind of sad that the customer service bar is so low when it comes to air travel that when a company gets it right, you want to shout it from the rooftops.

    1. So true lady, it is getting harder to find quality airline service..I think Alaska is prob one of the best to fly!