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10 Reasons Why You'll Like Tacoma WA

10 Reasons Why You'll Like Tacoma
*This post is in collaboration with Travel Tacoma. We received tours & a hotel stay in 
exchange for an honest review. 
Photography: Maple Leopard

 In the past, Tacoma was never considered a touristy place. It's always had a reputation as a smelly industrial city with lots of crime. The city has undergone a huge face lift in recent years. "Destiny City" has done a complete turn around, and is now a GO TO Northwest destination. Move over Seattle!

We were invited to Tacoma on a press tour for  "You'll Like Tacoma Day." We had a blast and explored the city from top to bottom. After living in the area for many years, we did discover new hidden gems. We've rounded up some of the best spots and reasons why you'll LOVE to visit Tacoma.

Foss Waterway & Seaport Museum

foss water way

The museum and waterway celebrate the amazing maritime history of the city of Tacoma. This tour was definitely one of the highlights of our day. We were treated to an exciting boat ride by Destiny Harbor Tours. The boat tour cruises the entire waterfront near downtown, and beyond. The views are incredible and the photo opps of the skyline are so breathtaking!

Shake Shake Shake

shakeshakeshake, tacomawa, you'llliketacoma, seattletravelwriter

If you love old time 50's diners and retro vibes, do go grab a bite at Shake Shake Shake! It's around the corner from Stadium High School. The shakes are thick, creamy and oozing with home style goodness. Here you can capture an amazing shot for your instagram gallery under the iconic "EAT" sign.

Stock List Gifts & Goods

This new store offers a little of this and that, and is a perfect spot to find souvenirs or a unique gift. Stock List has fun items to decorate your home, and is full all things Tacoma. It's conveniently located on Pacific ave and nestled among destination restaurants. Grab a bite to eat and shop til you drop!

Hotel Murano

HotelMurano, TacomaWA, You"llLikeTacoma, mapleLeopardblog, travelwriter, travel

Experience top class accommodations in the heart of downtown Tacoma. This boutique hotel is the perfect spot for a stay-cation or a weekend getaway. There is everything to love here: the rooms, the view,  art themed decor and exceptional guest service. You will enjoy every minute of this home away from home.

Stadium High School

TacomaWA, StadiumHighschool, You'llLikeTacoma, Seattletravelwriter,travel, TacomaWA

Are you a Harry Potter fan? Then you will love Stadium High School! Well even if you aren't, you will still be fascinated by this Hogwarts style castle. It looks like a replica of Hogwarts, because of the soaring towers. A popular movie from the 90's " Ten Things I Hate About You", was filmed here.

The school was originally constructed in 1891 as a luxury hotel. A fire during construction ravaged and destroyed the property. The city of Tacoma purchased it for $1.00, and turned it into a schoolhouse. Stadium High was one of the first schools in the country to build a stadium. It is also one of the most photogenic public schools in America.

Tacoma Rainiers

TacomaWa, YoulllikeTacoma, Seattletravelwriter, Rainiersball, Cheneystadium

Enjoy hometown baseball at it's best, at historic Cheney Stadium. The Pacific Coast League baseball club has been in operation since 1960. A ball game with the Rainiers is the perfect way to spend a summer evening under the stars. It was fun to get a behind the scenes tour of the field and dug out.

"Buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks, I don't care if I ever get back!" Come experience Tacoma at a Rainier's game- you may never want to go back home!

Anthem Coffee

MapleLeopardBlog, TacomaWA, AnthemCoffee, You"llLikeTacoma, Seattleblogger, Travel

This fast expanding chain is shaping up to be Tacoma's best coffee spot. We visited the one close to the waterfront, on Pacific Ave. Take a stroll down museum row and then relax with delicious brew in the heart of downtown.  Anthem on Pacific has a cool artsy vibe with sea creature murals and decor. Incredible roasted blends and five locations await you!

3uilt Restaurant @7 Seas Brewing Company

This new restaurant pronounced "Built" , is located inside the historic Heidelberg brewery building. 7 Seas Brewing of Gig Harbor also opened a Brewery in the same space. We were treated to scrumptious sandwiches and chopped salad for lunch.

You can dine and have a few beverages, under the roof of the former Chihuly storage facilities. This is a relaxing place to enjoy Friday night eats and a northwest vibe.

Museum of Glass

TacomaWa, MuseumofGlass, Chihuly, travel, Seattletravelwriter

The Glass Museum is a contemporary art museum featuring glass sculptures and a glass making studio. Several art displays are the creative work of famous artist Dale Chihuly, and are quite something to behold! The fountain out front is a beautiful. It also features Chihuly's work.

The Chihuly Bridge of Glass with 2400 pieces of glass is one of the most photographed spots in Tacoma. Take a scenic stroll from downtown to the waterfront on this pedestrian walkway.

Point Ruston

Just a few miles north of the Narrows Bridge, you will find a fabulous neighborhood called
Point Ruston. It's Tacoma's newest up and coming area. This little haven overlooking Commencement Bay, is your answer to a perfect weekend getaway.

I'm obsessed with Point Ruston and I think you will be too! It's a great place to meet your bestie for coffee, ride bikes along the waterfront or feast on the best seafood in town. There are series of small parks along Ruston Way to visit as well.

I hope you can make a visit to Tacoma soon! Thanks for stopping by Maple Leopard and happy travels!
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  1. To be honest, I'd never heard of Tacoma before. I'd love to visit the Glass Museum. It looks spectacular!

    1. now you should make a visit, you will love the city and yes the glass museum is amazing!

  2. I am ALL OVER those 50s diners! I'm a sucker for that kind of retro kistchy stuff! So I had to google Tacoma at first to work out exactly where it was, and I came up with a bunch of cars. So if Tacoma's cool enough to have a car named after it, it's cool enough for me to visit!

    1. Ha ha..yes Tacoma is super cool, you'd love it! Speaking of has the biggest car museum in North America called LeMay car museum, check it out!

  3. It looks like a charming place to visit, with lots of fun things to keep you busy too!

  4. We have friends who live in Tacoma so this area in the PNW is on our list, maybe for this summer in 2021. Thank you for all the helpful information!