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MAGIC Fashion Tradeshow Vegas:Tips for Attending

7:24 PM
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Hello friends, happy Wednesday!

I'm excited to share my experience at the largest fashion tradeshow in North America.  I hope you've been enjoying my series on Las Vegas. Today's post is a continuation, and still a few more to come.

Magic is the world's largest fashion marketplace, made up of 12 exclusive communities exhibiting the latest in apparel, footwear, and accessories. Twice a year the retail industry assembles together to shop and check out the latest trends. This was my 3rd time to attend  MAGIC.  Every show, I'm in awe of the talented and creative people in the fashion industry.

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From cutting edge luxury brands to fast fashion, MAGIC delivers brands that propel the business of fashion. Every February and August , industry  professionals descend on the city of Las Vegas for the biggest fashion extravaganza you've ever seen! Wow, there is so much to see and take it.

The businesses at the convention center and Mandalay Bay hotel are grouped into retail groups etc. :

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Tips for Attending Magic Fashion Trade Show

If you do choose to go, there is an application process. Most of the attendees are fashion brands/businesses and buyers in town to snag up the latest trends for their boutique or retail chain they work for.  They do allow fashion press( which includes bloggers) to apply to get in the show.  After being approved, you can attend limitless times: registration is required though, each time.

Attending Magic is so much fun and the networking possibilities are endless.  However you do need a plan for making the most of your experience. The first time  I was so overwhelmed I didn't know which way to go, ha the tradeshow is massive!  Today I'm sharing an ultimate list of tips to help out, should you ever decide to go.

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Download the Magic App

Before the show starts, make sure you get the app. You will instantly be notified during the show of all the events before they actually start.  All the maps of where the booths and classes are there too. This year was the first time I used the app, it was a game changer for sure. 

UBMfashion, tradeshow, Lasvegas, MagicMarketweek, fashion
YESSSS! The Neon Trend is back, I love it!

Make a Schedule

Magic goes really fast, and there are only 3 full days to get it all covered. Having a plan or a schedule is crucial. I didn't have one for shows in the past, I ended up wondering aimlessly around and not getting a lot accomplished. If your plan is to take classes or talk to fashion brands for collaborations, budget that time into your schedule.

There are free shuttles to and from all the major hotels to the convention center.  I failed to plan this very well either. They only run for a few hours in the morning, and again in the afternoon.  Once you are registered for the show, notifications about shuttle service will come to your email.

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Attend Seminars

The classes offered at MAGIC are outstanding.  All of the seminars are very informative.  I learned  many details about different facets of the the fashion industry.  The show offers education on future footwear trends( (NSRA) and fashion forecasting( trends that will be here in a year to year and  a half).

Also there is much to be gleaned about how the entire retail industry operates. The classes are all free, take advantage of the opportunity! In addition, fashion shows are always going on at different locations, check the app for that too.

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Visit Trend Exhibits

The booths are the most exciting part of the show. There are hundreds of them, and you won't be able to see them all in 3 days. That's why you have to keep going back, year after year. Most of the same brands show up each time, but every show there are a few new ones.  My eyes were literally popping out of my head, there was so many cute trends to check out!

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Wear Comfortable Shoes

When packing for MAGIC, pack stylish but also pack comfortable shoes. If you don't, I promise your feet will be on fire! I see some of the models and attendees walking around all day in tall heels, not a good choice for this show. There is literally blocks and blocks to be covered, your feet will thank you later. I brought cute tennis shoes and low heeled booties.

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Visit the Resource Centers

Each tradeshow represented at MAGIC, has a resource center at the front of each hall.  They often give away a free tote bag with show name on it. You can also ask questions, get directions and pick up free copies of fashion publications such as Apparel News. Also located at these desks are city and tourist guides for the city of Las Vegas.

Get Free Swag

The free items you can pick up at individual booths is half the fun!  The brands often have tote bags too, with their logo on it.  Others may offer a free backpack, snacks, candy and some even have a glass of bubbly or mimosa waiting for you.

UBMfashion, tradeshow, LasVegas, MagicMarketweek, Magictradeshow

Take Amazing Photos

 Snap photos to your heart's content. Each tradeshow has fabulous murals up on the sides of the booth, a great opportunity to get a selfie or imagery for your blogposts and article. Unfortunately my cell camera isn't working the greatest for selfies, so I passed on that!

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Attend Celebrity Events

Yes, at MAGIC celebrities are always in the house. Whether it be an actor, entrepreneur guru or celebrity stylist- there is excitement for everyone. This world renowned tradeshow is now more than a retail event.

This year the winter show had an amazing  line up of celebrities  appearances.  I missed out on some, as I was not there all 3 days. I did get to see Brad Goreski , the celebrity stylist from L.A. It was amazing to hear his journey into the fashion industry, and his stories about styling famous clientele. Ashely Tisdale was also in the house at the same booth.

The WWD Fashion booth is the place to connect, inspire and discover fashion. Follow them on Instagram to stay in the know about events at MAGIC.

UBMfashion, fashiontradeshow, Magicmarketweek, Magicfashiontradeshow, Lasvegas

If you are a fashionista, I hope you can make it to the show sometime in the future. I hope the tips were helpful. Thanks for visiting and hope you come back soon! I post on Wednesdays , and try to every week. I miss one here and there.

Stay stylish!


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  1. This sounds AMAZING. I am really considering going to this after reading thanks!

  2. Wow, that sounds like a blast! I'm terrible with fashion but, this would be so neat to see in person.

    1. Awe I am sure you are not as bad as you think...its the bomb for sure!

  3. Those are great tips! I have never been to a fashion show before. Thanks for sharing

    1. thank you shows are so much fun.check your local area, they usually have them at art museums and at city events...


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