Princess Cruises: What is a Medallion Class Cruise?

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Cruising season is here again. Yay! Last Friday I was invited to tour Princess Cruises ship the "Royal Princess." It was at Pier 66 in Seattle for her first voyage to Alaska. The media tour was amazing and I'm excited to share more about this royal class ship: " The Medallion Series.' You may be wondering...

Calgary Alberta: 1 City 5 Ways

    All images are my own except this one : By Jack Carter on Unsplash

Calgary is a beautiful prairie city, located an hour from the Canadian Rockies. It's a destination fueled by natural wonders and resources. I've had many opportunities to visit, and still haven't covered everything there is to do.

Join me to explore the city of Calgary Alberta: 1 City-5 Ways.  It's ranked #4 on The Economist's latest "Quality of Life Index" of 140 cities- the highest in North America.