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ST Helen's Oregon: Celebrate Fall at Spirit of Halloween Town

12:42 PM
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Hey friends!

It's time for another Wednesday Wonder! Today I"m sharing  the small town made famous by the 1998 Disney movie " Halloween Town."  It was great to discover this hidden gem along Lewis and Clark Trail.  My 22 year old daughter suggested we visit the place where the movie was filmed. It was a "spooktaculiar day, and it's always fun to be a kid again!

Celebrate Fall at Halloween Town

If you are looking for a fall getaway or somewhere to encounter ghost, goblins and all sorts of spooky creatures; then Saint Helen's Oregon is just the place for your adventure.  Since the first movie in 1998: the town has evolved into a popular fall destination.  Social media has especially increased visits to the  town square where the movie was set.

Interesting Facts About Halloweentown:

  • Halloween town has had several sequels
  • The movie was supposed to have a much darker ending
  • The movie had a small budget
  • Halloweentown is a book but you can't find it at major retailers
  • The fall film was actually shot in summertime
  • Only two of the original actors were in all 4 movies
  • Aunt Aggie's house is a bed and breakfast fans can stay at

Arrive Early

We left Seattle area around 8 am and arrived in Halloween town at 10:30 am. I would advise to get there as early as you can.  There is plenty of parking, but the town gets crowded fast. If you want to capture awesome photography, arrive when the crowds are minimal.  Our arrival time was perfect. We were able to see everything without waiting in long lines. After 11 am the town starts filling up.

Should you decide you want to stay overnight and make a weekend of it. There are hotels in the area.  Even if it's a last minute stay, sometimes you can still find great deals.

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Wear Your Costume

As you wonder around, you will see many peeps parading through town in their costume. I wish I had worn one, but had no time to pull it together. We decided one day to go, and took off the next.  People watching here, will definitely keep you entertained for hours, ha! 

Check Out the Taxi with Benny

If you want to get up close and personal with a skeleton, here's your chance! He may just wisk you off on a wild ride, so proceed to the area with caution, he he.  Benny the driver from the movie, wasn't an actor dressed as a skeleton. Neither was his character completely digitized. He was a robot with his lines dubbed in. 

Wouldn't it be cool if you could actually get in the taxi for a pic with the scary guy ?1?

Feast on Local Treats

There are a few restaurants in town to eat full meals, we did not try any of them. We drove to Portland after to eat lunch and shop ( only a 20-30 min drive from St. Helens.)  However, there are a several local vendors selling yummy treats and snacks.

Your kids will enjoy gigantic poofs of cotton candy, I wanted one myself! I watched while they spun the sugar into shapes of animals and other fun characters.  My absolute favorite was Bamford Bake Shop . The actual bakery is in Skapoose, the neighboring city enroute to Portland. Oh my some of the best confections I've ever tasted! You must taste their sweets, so so yummy!

Experience Fun Activities

Of course most of the activities to experience at Halloweentown are geared for younger kiddos. Adults can certainly join in the fun as well. It's always great to be a kid again when you can! Some of the activities are free, and some you have to pay for.

If you are going with kids, the best option is the "One Big Ticket".  It's 45.00 and is good for one entire weekend of your choice. We did not purchase the ticket and still had a great time. There is a lot to explore and see.

If you are brave and not claustrophobic like me, you can even roll around by the riverside in a gigantic plastic bubble: how fun is that?!

View Oregon's version of Stonehedge

The town of St. Helens, sits on the edge of the Columbia River. The views around the corner from the square are breathtaking. Experience Stone Hedge in America without flying across the pond to Europe.  You won't be able to get up close unless you pay for the activity ticket. The area is gated off with a paid entry. I zoomed in with my iphone and still got a decent shot.

I hope you do make a trip to Saint Helens to experience this fun place. It's a short drive from Seattle, about 2.5 hours. Enjoy your Fall and Halloween, if you celebrate it!

Have you been to Halloweentown or a similar place?

Happy Travels,

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