Thursday, July 30, 2020

How to do a Tropical Staycation in the Backyard

How to do a Tropical Staycation in the Backyard - Read more »
*This post contains affiliate links. Clicking does not obligate you to purchase.   As we know, traveling and life are not much fun these days. With all the restrictions and closures, how is one supposed to put on a happy face?! It's tough, so we make lemons out of lemonade and make the best of it. We had plans to travel to Hawaii this summer.  If you've been around here awhile; ya know I looove warm tropical getaways! Since we can't jet off right now; I decided to bring the tropics to my backyard. It totally picked up my spirtis and inspired me to make plans for the islands later.  I hope this post will inspire you as well. Whatever you can do to make yourself and others happy, will go a long way. HOW TO DO A TROPIC STAYCATION IN THE BACKYARD Buy Decor at Dollar Tree Dollar Tree offers an amazing assortment of tropcial decor, to create your island getaway. For 20.00 or under, you 'll be in an "aloha state of mind"  before you know it!  You can enjoy a backyar
Thursday, July 16, 2020

Tommy Hilfiger: Stylish Summer Looks to Copy Now

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Summer clothes that are both stylish and comfortable, can be hard to find.  If you live in the Northwest or Canda, summer days are warm and the nights are cool.  I have you covered with stylish, sporty picks from designer Tommy Hilfiger. Costco is your casual, style headquarters for name brand fashion. A great selection of pieces are available for a fraction of the price. Brands such as Calvin Klein, Gloria Vanderbelt, Nike, Addidas, Levis are frequently found at warehouses across the U.S and Canada.  I purchased all pieces in today's post at Costco here in Wa state. Today I'm sharing 4 looks you can mix and match to dress summer chic. Tommy Hilfiger Classic Tee Dress This sleek and comfy tee A structured dress should nip in slightly at the waist , hug the hips, skim the thights and end above the knee.  Knit Body Embroidered Logo Soft Stretchy Cotton Fabric Available in navy blue and scarlett red Flat seams Logo tape along sides Tommy Hilfiger Windbreaker I changed out my shoes
Wednesday, July 8, 2020

A Perfect Day in Venice Italy: A Solo Traveler's One Day Guide

 A Perfect Day in Venice Italy: A Solo Traveler's One Day Guide - Read more »
All photography: copyright @mapleleopard **This post contains affliliate links, which means if you click or purchase I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you As a person who had never traveled abroad, it was scary to jet off to Italy alone . As mentioned in a previous post, the trip was planned with a friend who could not go at last mintue.  Let me assure you, traveling to Italy as a solo female traveler is perfectly safe.  The only worry is picketpockets. If you keep eyes on your belongings at all times, you'll be fine.   Sadly at this time, U.S. travelers are currently banned from traveling to any countries in the European Union. However my first country of citizenship- Canada, is not banned.  I know travel is limited for now,  but I want to keep sharing travel guides to keep your sense of wanderlust alive.