Thursday, May 27, 2021

What to Wear for Memorial Day Weekend

Hey hey Friends! Summer is almost here, and it's time to get your vacations on! It's also the weekend to celebrate members of the miliatry past and present. I always want to do my part by paying respects to men and women who have sacraficed greatly for our freedoms. One way I love to  honor service members on Memorial day, is by wearing the colors that represent our flag. Today I'm sharing an outfit I styledf or this weekend. Check out my tips on how you can put together a similar look! Stylish Off the Shoulder  Dress This dress screams summer and is so versatile for many different climates.  I love off the shoulder looks for warm weather. Here in the Northwest summer days are usually warm, but the evenings can get quite cool.  Always keep a jean jacket or short sweater around to layer with a dress of this type. I 'm in love with the unique print of this dress from FAIRWEATHER CANADA.  I found it recently in Kelowna B.C. on the way back from visiting my mum in Calgary.