Thursday, May 27, 2021

What to Wear for Memorial Day Weekend

Hey hey Friends!

Summer is almost here, and it's time to get your vacations on! It's also the weekend to celebrate members of the miliatry past and present. I always want to do my part by paying respects to men and women who have sacraficed greatly for our freedoms.

One way I love to  honor service members on Memorial day, is by wearing the colors that represent our flag. Today I'm sharing an outfit I styledf or this weekend. Check out my tips on how you can put together a similar look!

Stylish Off the Shoulder  Dress

This dress screams summer and is so versatile for many different climates.  I love off the shoulder looks for warm weather. Here in the Northwest summer days are usually warm, but the evenings can get quite cool.  Always keep a jean jacket or short sweater around to layer with a dress of this type.

I 'm in love with the unique print of this dress from FAIRWEATHER CANADA.  I found it recently in Kelowna B.C. on the way back from visiting my mum in Calgary.  You will be in comfort haven in this piece all day long.  The dress is perfect for air travel, a road trip, on the beach, shopping or a night out.

Memorial Day Style, Off the shoulder, fashionblogger
Bag with Contrasting Print

Growing up in the 70's , we were taught to wear and accessorize with matching items only. Fashion in the 20th century is all about cultivating your own unique style. Anything goes in 2021, and matchy match is not a requirement! However if you do decide to mix prints, try to stay in the same color scheme.

My printed bag by Louis Vuitton is not in this color scheme; however these timeless bags are an exceptioin to the rule. LV bags are a classic collection that pair well with any color or outfit, for the most part. 

Memorialdaystyle, weekendstyle, fashion, Seattlefashion

Bold Red Accessories 

Glam up your outfit by adding bold and trendy accessories. Red is always a stand out color and will add that extra layer of pizzaz to all your looks.  Red Suede flats with this ouftif are perfect for a beach walk.  Finish off your styling by adding a snazzy pair of red cat eye sunglasses. 

FairweatherCanada, Summerstyle,  SpringStyle, Seattlestyle

In other news.....

Wait for it......ha! I won't make you wait any longer! In a post a few months ago I mentioned I had exciting news, well it's finally come to pass. We are moving to Las Vegas!  We spent the last 6 months trying to find a home and it was quite a challenge.  The hope to find a one level house got dashed against the stones of disappointment. 

We were on 8 waiting lists and lotteries for new construction. We also tried buying a used home, but almost impossible if you don't currently live in Las Vegas. Resale listings are lasting one day  with mulitple offers.  We decided to go with what was offered when our name was chosen from a lottery; a two story. It works for now and not too far from all the fun of the strip!

Las Vegas, Las Vegas Nevada

The real estate market has litterally gone nuts because of the remote revolution. Now people can move from where there job is based to new dream destinations. Many locations in the United States and in Canada are experiencing an unprecedented  housing boom.

That's all  for today, keeping this short! I will miss Seattle area terribly as it has been home 35 years.  The changes will a huge adjustment but  I'm excited for new adventures and lotsa sun!

Have a wonderful weekend. I hope you are making summer plans for your favorite destinations! I have a few planned myself. 


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  1. Lovely dress hunny, great with the pop of red too. Thanks for adding to my #linkup Jacqui x

  2. OH WOW BIG CHANGES, VALERIE!! I have never been to either Seattle or Vegas but I promise I will visit once. I love the print, is it elephants?! I love that you created your own unique Memorial Day weekend!!

    Welcome by and join the linkup on Thursdays. Thank You. =)

  3. That's crazy that the housing market is like that, but how lucky you did get something.
    I just love the pop of red with that dress!!

  4. We would love to move and we are just going to wait for a bit!! I am so picky, too, so I want a lot of options when we do buy! I love the pops of red you added with this dress. I hope your move to Las Vegas goes well and I'm glad you found a place to stay!


  5. Congrats on your new home! I know the housing market is crazy right now everywhere - that's crazy that there is a lottery for new construction homes! Love your dress and pops of red!

    Jill - Doused in Pink