Monday, October 18, 2021

Bellevue Collection Posh Party: 7 Decades of Fashion

 *This post is in collaboration with the Bellevue Collection; Bellevue WA. I received a complimentary virtual pass for the show.  All opinions are my own.

*Photography Credits:Vivian Hsu Photography, Jennifer Leavitt and the Bellevue Collection FB Page*

The Bellevue Collection Fashion Week is the Pacific Northwest's premier fashion event happening every fall.  I've been fortunate to attend every show since 2014.  Last year the show was virtual only, due to the pandemic.

I'm happy to report the live show is back !  Unfortunately I was unable to go this time. I'm thankful the option to attend virtually was still available . The Bellevue Collection and Kemper Development put on an amazing show. The best part: 100 % of the proceeds are donated to charities such as Bellevue Life Spring: over 4200 children fed!

This year, Bellevue Square and the Bellevue Collection are  celebrating 75 years of operation and giving back to the community.  I congratulate them on this amazing accomplishment and with no further adieu lets dive in: 


1940 - Tailored Tracks

1950- Slope Style

1960- Print Hits

The sixties were a time of radical changes.  The tidy twin sets of Kennedy's Camelot, mini skirts and go go boots were all the rage.

Memorable fashion icons of this era were Marilyn Monroe and Twiggy.  Expressing your individuality through style was not popular during this time . It caused lots of debate and head butting.  Think of " Mad Men" inspired looks to catch another glimpse of this amazing decade.

1970- Jazzy Jeans

Peace out friends! The seventies were my favorite for fashion and life in general. I was in the prime of my childhood and teens in this decade. I wish I could wave a wand and bring back back the 70's lifestyle!

We can't relive time, but thankfully we can circle back to yesteryear with our fashion and wardrobe choices.  In the 1970's pants, hair and platform shoes were bigger than the Beatles ha ha.  Fringed outfits and bell bottom pants were the best!  I need to go shopping and add more 70's vibes to my closet!

1980- Color Chart

The Eighties was another great decade of fashion inspo. Colorful styles took center stage.  Ruffled dresses, flirty & preppy fashion were the sought after looks.

1990- Pop Styles

In the 90's we saw power suits, grunge rock outfits etc. Fashion icons like Sarah Jessica Parker and Princess Diana rocked styles that were structred and sparkly.  Grunge rock fans embraced slip dressed , flannels and combat boots.

2000- Album Covers

The early part of 2000 came with prints, denim,  graphic tees and skirts.  With the year 2010 we saw minimalism, street style and industry inclusivity make a grand entrance.

                                                                        Future Playlist

                                                                      Top Rated Vinyl

Trends showing up this year, are throwbacks to the 90's and early 2000's.  All looks featured at Bellevue Fashion Week are shoppable at Bellevue Square or online.  If you are still in the planning stages of your fall wardrobe and unsure what to choose....

Check out the LOOK BOOK for inspiration and details on 7 decades of fashion

...that's a wrap for Fashion Week 2021. If you want to learn more about this fabulous fashion extravaganza happening every fall, check the website  and follow on  Instagram.

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